In light of remembering the impermanence of life, I wanted to share some of my thoughts. I’m realizing there’s just no time to do anything but love one another.

I know that that’s really challenging right now and loving one another can look like so many different things. It can look like taking action to protect the marginalized. You know, I am one of the marginalized. I‘m queer, fat, live with mental health issues and C-PTSD.

Loving one another can also look like honouring the paths of the people that you meet and recognizing that your idea of action and their idea of action may be very different.

Let’s not prioritize certain kinds of action over others.

I truly value radical compassion, radical love, radical self-love.

And part of that is actually learning how to say no to what I need to and honouring other people’s no’s.

One story that I don’t tell very often about myself is that at one point I was in police stations, writing pamphlets, at rallies doing “all of the things” and I burned out. I could not continue.

I lost friends and community when I told them that I was being re-traumatized and that it was no longer good for my mental health. It broke my heart. But it doesn’t mean that I still don’t value all those things.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, social media has also been quite re-traumatizing for me. I do not think that I’m alone.

People ask me to use my platform to show my leadership and this is me showing leadership.

It’s taken an incredible amount of inner strength to stay my course.

I am highly sensitive but I am strong and I am a warrior.

I am a warrior of the heart.

And that may not be what you want of me but that is who I am. And you know, it’s okay, to go with love if I’m not for you.

So, this is all just say if I were to die tomorrow this is what I would want to say:

Life is precious and I’m going to spend it loving the people in my life as much as possible.