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You are a Deep Well

Enchant Your Everyday, Bring Your Imagination to Life & Listen to the Wild Edges of Your Soul

Wise, healing and empowered one, it's more important than ever to step into your light and share your wisdom with <strong>courage and strength</strong><strong>radiant devotion</strong><strong>freedom and joy</strong><strong>luminous grace</strong><strong>compassion and peace</strong>

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Mentor, Cultural Anthropologist and Founder of Sage Priestess Certification Training

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Step into your light and share your gifts!

Hello and Welcome! I’m Dr. Vanessa Sage, Ph.D., and I’m a Priestess, cultural anthropologist, and poet. I follow an earth path and honour ancient Priestess lineages while moving our practices forward to support vital leadership, reclaim the sacred in all forms, and bring us back to a soul-centered animate world of wonder worth living in.

My work focuses on self-compassion, inner-bravery, and discovering the mystery in our everyday lives.


Reclaim your sovereignty and weave a new future.

Remember, you are made of stars
Return home to yourself and bring your light to the world
Call your power back and be a bridge between heaven and earth

I want you to experience <strong>Belonging and worthiness</strong><strong>Peace and purpose</strong><strong>Connection to self and spirit</strong><strong>Wonder and awe in the everyday</strong><strong>Deep healing and empowered knowing</strong><strong>True acceptance of yourself!</strong>

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