Reflecting on June. I asked myself the questions: What would happen if I came home to myself? If I “let the soft animal of my body love what it loves”? If I said some of the things I’m afraid to say out loud?

This month I stopped letting other people’s ideas define me. Stopped betraying myself to be “good” in other people’s eyes.

I walked the beauty way. I found a soft embrace in the earth, sea and sky.

I welcomed a beautiful group of women into the Priestess program and sent waves of love and gratitude to those who circled with me last year.

I taught tarot workshops, mentored amazing women, led a mastermind call on advanced circle leadership, and created content for tarot school.

I rested, listened to gentle music, had introvert nights to myself, and began a practice of connection with my love.

I was tired and sad and scared and full of joy. I wondered if I was good enough. I kept going.

“Do you love this world?” Mary Oliver rings in my ears. Yes, I answer. “My work is loving the world”