Rainbow Connection Love:

Living in Devotion to Magic

As I write, prayer flags are blowing in the summer breeze. All day, the birds have been singing, and I sit in awe at the simple beauty of this ordinary moment.

A lot has happened since I last wrote on the full moon. The Wheel of the Year has turned once again, the moon continues to wax and wane, and Venus entered her ascent at the gate of the crown. This is a time of abundance, personal sovereignty, and expansion.

I am reminded every day of the magic of this world and am encouraged to remember all the ways it shows up in our lives. To not just know it but to feel it, embody it, and to live in devotion to this magic.

Today, I am simply called to say hello again. From me to you. My heart to yours. Meeting you as you are. Please know I am here for you. Nothing more and nothing less. A simple love note of connection.

May we find a new resonant field to meet each other with joy in our hearts.

Re-orienting in the direction of mutual kindness, compassion and Divine inspiration.

May we return to clarity like sunlight reflected on the surface of water.

May we lift each other up with joy like a hummingbird drinking sweet nectar.

If you have been feeling weighed down, please know that it is possible to find ease even in times of uncertainty. You belong, you are worthy, and you are the light. When you wish upon a star, may all your dreams come true.