I am up later than normal. My head and body are buzzing with so much news. More than my or anyone’s nervous system is built to handle.

I feel the collective grief and honour it.

People I care about are in the midst of major life transitions that are taking every ounce of their courage and strength. I hold them in my thoughts.

I am trying to slow down and that’s taking all of my courage and strength. Speed can somehow feel safer in precarious times but I know that is an illusion.

I’ve been chanting every day and daydreaming about writing books and little cabins in woods away from everything. “A Dream of Trees.”

Wondering how it will all work out. Knowing it is not for me to know.

I finished Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser yesterday and ordered two John O’donohue books because books of blessings, and of blessing the earth, are what I need to fill my heart with.

I watched two amazing humans take beautiful, kind and gentle steps along their paths today. It is always such an honour to witness.

The cats are sleeping, the buzz from the leftover anniversary pie is wearing off.

May there be peace.

And so it is.