May the World Give You its Blessing

As I write to you I’m sipping flower essence-infused water out of a Muppet glass as this song enters my energy field like a big beautiful exhale. I have been sitting in silence and contemplation so much more lately. I spent over a week in my mother’s garden and began my daily sound healing practice again.

This cultivation of being in the still space has, as David Whyte likes to say, made room for the world to beckon. Slowly but surely I could feel any frays left in my nervous system beginning to mend. Breathing more fully, I felt a great sense of peace, inner confidence, and clarity wash over me.

Open to new invitations, I asked myself how I might simplify and bring a deeper sense of care to the contributions I make for the benefit of a more caring and beautiful world.

And just over two weeks ago, I woke up with a simple sense that the world was giving me its blessing. Nothing special happened. No thunderbolts out of the sky. Just a clear trust that I had completed this spiral of my burnout journey and was ready to walk through the next doorway into a life of inspiration, offering, and joy.

May the world find you and give you its blessing,
May you feel held even when you feel unsteady,
May you know that you are part of the great Mystery.