I wanted to talk to you a little bit about something I’ve been thinking about around trauma. I have CPTSD (Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and so does my partner, so this is very much part of our life. We are living in a world that I believe is also experiencing collective trauma and I personally think that the news stories are actually cycling and causing more pain and suffering.

I’m also a spiritual teacher and there is quite a lot of pressure for me to use my platform in certain ways, and I just want to let you know that I’m not going to be doing that. Not because I don’t care about things but because I actually think that when we continue to cycle these stories, we put a lot of people at risk of being further traumatized. I actually don’t think the world needs my voice for that.

My role is to actually be much more of a sanctuary and a place where that’s not what’s happening. So just to say that.

The other thing that is happening here behind the scenes is I’m actually doing quite a lot of background research on how to much more sensitively address trauma in my work. How to work with Shadow while also being trauma-sensitive. How to lead responsible and sensitive meditations that really take into account the complex nature of what people are experiencing.

So, that’s one thing that I’ve been doing in the background. And it will continue to be in the background as this is just too important to share until I really do the work.

I’m also doing a lot of work in the background reading about social justice issues and how to address those in leadership. Again, these are COMPLEX issues that I think are becoming simplified on social media. And I’m not interested in that kind of conversation. I’m interested in addressing issues of justice in ways that can truly help people.

So that’s just what I wanted to say today.

I am practicing using my voice.

I’m practicing sharing my journey.

Sending you so much love.