I Don’t Fit Into Neat and Tidy Boxes

Last week (a.k.a. back in the fall of 2015) I fumbled while a branding expert asked me what I do. To be fair, I did ask for this. I’m always trying to stretch myself to do the best I can in my business. The thing is, I discovered something I wasn’t expecting. And it turned out to be much more valuable than I ever could have hoped for.

In those uncomfortable moments of self-definition, and the request to dumb it down by the expert, I felt a lot of pressure to fit into a neat and tidy box. Get it all down in one easy sentence. And I must say I didn’t like it!

…And then I felt an inner fire ignite!

What are we doing to ourselves these days? Why do we seem to make so little room for growth, change and just plain interesting people with diverse interests?

What happens when we try to make ourselves into brands?

Well, this all coincided with a decision to start writing again and some pretty deep work with the Goddess Kali, and a re-awakening of my sexuality and sensuality. Lots going on and definitely not easily talked about in a simple descriptive sentence with lots of punchy keywords!

Embodying Kali

So, I started to think about what it would look like to un-brand.

To use and understand the principles of branding and combine that knowledge with some fierce kick ass Kali energy that simply believes we are all freaking MAGICAL! 

And I must admit I’m a bit of a branding geek! I do have a brand, and it comes from who I am, but I’m not a brand. It’s an important distinction that has saved me a lot of heart and headaches.

You are not a job description or a sentence on your website that tells the world who you are!

Have you struggled with these questions too? Let me know in the comments below!

It’s time to create a new way of doing these things. And I am so ready to be part of this conversation!