“A quiet knowing and passion flows within Vanessa Sage’s poetry. The elements and nature interplay with her insight and subtle understanding of her self; an imbricated acknowledgement of the present – an intention for the future. In this sublime collection, Vanessa presents a series of thematic, gentle and poetic meditations that will linger and deeply move.” –Fay Stevens


I remember to sense
vastness; I touch lightly
the watery horizon
blue fading into blue
I remember to believe

–Excerpt from, “Without Limit”

Without Limit explores my experience of depression through more than a decade of my life. The poems in this book took me fifteen years to write, and yet despite all the changes I have gone through during this time, there remains a sense that being grounded in the everyday of one’s life is where liberation can be found.

In this book, you will find that even amidst suffocating despair there is also uplifting joy. There is magic to be found even on our darkest days. And the two—despair and joy—are not so different as we might believe. For in all experience we have the opportunity to be present to the sacred that moves through us and be witness to our lives.

–Excerpt from the Introduction

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“Vanessa Sage shows us, in her emotionally resonant and profound book Without Limit, that we are limitless beings, able to hold all simultaneously – pain, sadness, joy, hope, love and loss.  Her poems are at once deeply personal and universal and invite us to share with her our connectedness with each other and to the earth.  The implied question the author asks at the beginning of the book – “can depression and sadness be the font of creativity and beauty?” she answers with a resounding “yes!”  The images and metaphors are evocative and almost palpable: fragile cups of warm green tea as succor and solace; “even household pets, who once jumped on neighbors’ lawns” feel the despair on the wind.  Vanessa Sage brings humor and lightness in as well, again to show us that all can be held; and through the fragility and brokenness there is deep knowledge that the spirit is “not past repair. ” –-Monica Garcia, PhD

“Vanessa’s voice speaks out so strongly and deeply from the page. Her connections with life and nature, cause you to stop, observe around you and want to go out there and live it too. Allow her to inspire you…. as she has me.” —Bindi Shah

“For those of us who have experienced depression first hand (or lived with a depressed loved one), there are no easy ways to describe it. Grief and loss are never pretty, and for that reason, many turn away. Vanessa doesn’t turn away, but rather, looks closely at her despair and finds solace and beauty–even joy–hidden in the dark.” —Cynthia Patton

“Without Limit: Poems deals with depression from the vantage point of one who has been there, and leaves the reader with a sense of hope and awe. Moments of everyday life are illuminated and a heartfelt journey taken. Vanessa helps us witness ourselves while at the same time understand a bit of the journey she has taken.” – Mary Clark

“Dear Vanessa- The best poets speak a special language. They possess an uncanny knack of connecting others to their journey and painting a picture of their experiences at a mystical level, which deepens us. Vanessa you are one of them. The photos that you used to compliment your writing are beautiful and matched the visions painted in my imagination. Thank you for sharing your intimate journey in Without Limit. I read your book and then I read it again!” –Karen E. Cowdry