For most of February I was at Spark Box Studio, an artist’s residency in Picton, Ontario. Spark Box is run by Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping, both practising artists, facilitators and teachers. Chrissy and Kyle have truly created something special, and are living examples of how you really can make a living through your artistic talents and love of the arts. They also have a lovely dog named Rico.

One of the things I did while I was there was to take a window view picture each day. This became a very grounding practice as I took time to get clear on what really mattered to me, and how I can best bring my own creative life into the world.

I arrived the day of a big snowstorm, which meant that the tree branches held the snow for days.

The snow covered the country fields so that it shimmered during the day and caught the light of the rising and setting sun.

These window views, with their changing colours and moods, helped me get in touch with the bigger picture of my life.

As the days and weeks past, as I got over the bad cold I brought with me, as I let go of some of the weight that had been, well, weighing me down, I found that how I live my life really can be as simple as looking out and noticing the view. Storms come and bring with them messes to clear up. But this one brought a brilliance to the landscape that I will never forget.

Days go from white to beige to grey to pink to purple to orange. And so do I. And so will you.

The truth is this was an ordinary February that I could have easily not watched go by, but now I know to look out my window and…

Find that the snow is lightly falling outside my home in downtown Hamilton, the cars splash as they go by, and the light fades…

Look out, wherever you are and witness the landscape through your window.  Snap a picture. If you do I’d love to see it! Post it on the Facebook Page.