“Clarity is found in places empty of others’ thoughts and ideas…Find your mountain. Ask for guidance from nature. There are many gifts to be gathered in dark times”

-From The Herbcrafters Tarot – The Hermit card. Written by Latisha Guthrie, Artwork by Joanna Powell Colbert

I take regular social media sacred pauses, and I’d love to share with you the four reasons why I do:

1. Self and Social Care

I’m on social media a lot because of the nature of what I do, so it’s an important part of my self-care to empty my mind of “others’ thoughts and ideas” in order to come back to my own. For me, this is not just about personal self-care but also about social-care.

If I do not have the strength of my voice I’m not a good leader.

And, despite my own kicking and screaming, I am a leader. We all are. We are all leaders in our own lives and we do make an impact through the ways we interact with others. We need to keep our thoughts and voices clear and strong now more than ever. And we need to have that personal strength in order to be vehicles of compassion in the world.

2. Reset Your Energy

I’m an empathic introvert and no matter how kick-ass my boundaries and energy work are, I’m still affected by the constant stream of energy and ideas coming at me.

Just as your body needs to sleep every day in order to keep functioning, I believe unplugging helps to reset your energy to come back into full creative power.



3. You Aren’t Missing Out

There can be an understandable fear of missing out or worry about what people may think if you take a break from social media. It has become very much a part of the way we communicate and stay in touch.

Let’s start to collectively create a culture that (despite social media announcements of major life events) when we meet each other for coffee we stop assuming we’ve read each other’s posts.

We can simply check in with each other, heart to heart.

If you’re concerned, you can let key people in your life know you’re heading offline for a while and would love to connect with them differently. You may be surprised by how much more connected you are!

4. You Are Enough

Finally, I want you to know you are enough and when you take time for you, you’re actually more able to be present for other people.

Presence is what builds connection.

Knowing you are enough is taking your inherent dignity back. When you put your hand on your heart and say, “I am and I am enough,” you are also giving that same dignity to everyone you meet.

When we get quiet and truly listen to ourselves we are essentially regenerating our creative power! And the world needs us all to be in our power as much as humanly possible right now.



I Hope I’ve Inspired You to Take a Sacred Pause!

Here are Some Ideas:

1. Turn your phone off by a certain time in the evening.
2. Don’t pick up your phone or check the socials until you’ve done at least one awesome thing for yourself in the morning.
3. Take a social media-free day or two each week.
4. Think about aligning your social media breaks with the lunar phases during the new or full moon. New to rest and full to release.
5. Schedule a whole week or month offline! In my company, for example, we let everyone know we aren’t online for two weeks in the summer and two weeks in the winter!

I’d love to hear about your experiences in the Willing to Live in Magic Group!