This week I stopped. Everything.

It wasn’t my choice. I was sick and I surrendered. I was also pretty down and needed to give myself the space to work through it.

This is how I gave myself that space:

  • I watched water and did nothing.
  • I spent an entire day doing one tarot reading for myself. Slowly. Because I had to. I could only read a card or two before I got tired.
  • I drank a lot of cups of tea.
  • We welcomed a new kitten into our life and I remembered what the joy of simply being alive and curious is.
    I listened to Thomas Moore and was reminded of why I’m an ordinary mystic and why I love the world’s wisdom traditions. (Need to re-listen though because that was during the days that I was having a hard time concentrating.)
  • I remembered that prayer is powerful.
  • I asked for support.
  • I slept as long and as often as I needed.
  • I read books in the evening.
  • I continued learning Astrology.
  • I embraced sweaters and pjs and all things cozy.

Stopping forced me to re-evaluate some things in my life and see what I truly love. I’m always afraid of stopping because I’m self-employed and my business supports our whole family.

But I actually got more “done” this week being sick than I have in a while. It helped me get clear on what really matters to me and how I can show up with more joy, love and purpose.

So, thank you body for giving me the gift of stopping.

May I always remember to surrender more and more.

May I make more space to nurture what is good and loving within me.

May there be ever flowing pots of tea.