May there be peace.

May this peace come not from burning everything and everyone to the ground but from a true desire to see each other as whole and worthy of dignity.

May we love each other and the earth so much that our hearts burst with the simple desire and wish for each person’s happiness, as they understand it.

May I find peace. May I untangle myself from the fear and rage I feel at the ways people are burning each other to the ground.

May I bow to the fact there are things I cannot change. May I no longer fool myself into thinking that this is the day when everyone will come to their senses and stop beating each other up. Living this way has only made each day a new heartbreak. May I find peace in letting go of what other people think and do.

May I use my voice to say no when I can in ways that do not dehumanize, shame or belittle anyone.

May I understand that I can choose to uphold my own dignity and act in my own integrity. May this be how I find peace in my heart.

I vow to live a non-violent life and understand that this is a process and a commitment I make between me and me.

May I love so much that this becomes the only way I move through the world.

May it be so.