Today is our last day in Greece. I took this photo yesterday in Crete using the Vessel Oracle deck by Mary Evans. I don’t think I could have chosen a more perfect card!

I have so much to reflect on, and will keep sharing as I go through all the photos! I haven’t even looked at the photos we took on the camera.

For now, all I want to say is that this trip has taught me to really live every day. To be present and kind.

When I think about regrets I think about the 24 hours I spent completely questioning my work in the world. It was a terrible dark night of the soul. I think of the stupid day Stacy and I fought over finding parking. And the hour I just spent down internet rabbit holes that completely drain me and put me right back into a stress response. Life is just too short for any of this. So much is up to me! #howgoodamiwillingtofeel

And, as someone who lives with depression and anxiety,

I must say that this was the best month I’ve ever had in my life!

The climate and pace of life were incredibly supportive, everyone we met was genuinely kind (even when laughing at my very bad Greek), and simply the choice to be here has made such a big difference in my life going forward.

I remember the 82-year woman who helped me pick out a Mary icon. She kept saying, “no stress. There’s too much stress. No stress!”

I’m remembering that living is the air we breathe and the love we can always choose to give.

This kind of presence, trust and compassion is always available to us.