The need to find rational answers to magical questions is pretty human I think – we are taught to value mainly what is measurable to us in our human experience and for many people it takes time, courage and some effort to reclaim a sense of enchantment and a belief in magic for themselves.

I also think that it is totally okay if you want to use tarot cards mainly as a tool for self-reflection without exploring its potential for divination. There is space for all kinds of tarot practices and I want you to do what makes you happy!

I’m personally really excited and enchanted by the many ways my decks help me to access a higher consciousness through which I can retrieve wisdom within myself that otherwise often gets lost in the busyness and mental chatter or everyday life.

Most of us have experienced altered states in some way – maybe this deep sense of peace while watching a beautiful sunset or pure wonder upon discovering that your favourite bird just landed right next to you.

Of course there are measurable things happening in our nervous system, but more importantly this is also pure magic.

It’s what makes life unique and beautiful and it’s also what is fuelling our resilience for difficult times.


When I draw cards I let my whole body sink into the experience.

I breathe deeper and I remember my purpose and all the things that make me feel grounded. I light candles, embrace beauty and connect with the Divine. These practices anchor me and they allow me to reconnect with the insights that belong to all of us. In that sense, just one card can help me reach a higher consciousness and a deeper understanding of my experience.

In addition to my tarot practice I am also a very passionate meditator and I would not want to miss my time on the pillow for anything in the world.



My sense is that there are many ways to reach a higher consciousness and that we should allow ourselves time and space to explore what might work best for us.

Our minds are so busy at this time and age and distractions are so plentiful – anything that can help us come back home to ourselves is a small miracle that we should treasure.

If the term “higher consciousness” sounds very abstract to you it might help to

Ask yourself, “When was the last time I felt truly connected and in love with the world?”

In that state, did you feel like answers came to you more easily? I know I do feel that way sometimes and I am wishing the same for you!

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Note: Decks pictured are Wooden Tarot, Yantra Wisdom Deck and Motherpeace Tarot