Warrior UnmuzzledTo destroy the foundations and be fire.
Do you remember what it feels like to be heat?

Stop sitting by the waters edge and dive in.
Who cares if your legs and arms are fat.
Take off your clothes and be seen.
See yourself with loving eyes.

No more apologies and tilted frames to hide in.

When will you remember that this is your last day?
Enough of the old stories.
Enough of the weight.
Hearts don’t have to be heavy.
You can say no.

No to all of what you think people want from you.

Strip down and know that you deserve to feel fresh water between your thighs.
No more deserted life.

Do what you came here to do.
Which was not to be pretty or agreeable
but powerful.

Don’t like what you don’t like.
No apologies.
You are not sick. Not a small child. Helpless. Anymore.

Warrior cries fill you.
They demand to be heard and are getting pretty damn fucking angry that you keep yourself muzzled!