I walked in the wind while thinking about the Fool. Only the wind took my thoughts away, and somehow that seemed right for an inner conversation about the Fool.

The Fool jumps off cliffs straight into the unknown.

I remember the times I have done this in my life. Jumping into the unknown, while little dogs nipped at my heels asking me, “Are you sure?”
And I wasn’t. But I jumped anyway.



The Fool wanders without aim. The Fool walks.

I know it has been the walking where the healing has taken place.
I am not sure-footed or fast. I prefer to take my time.
Stop. Breathe. Start again.

The Fool walks alone.

It was the week after I left my husband. I was walking down Church Street in Toronto in the middle of the night at my first Pride.

All I could think was: “I am uncomfortably unrecognizable.”

Alone for the first time in my life, I was desperate to run back to the safety of my old life but I had already walked too far. And the fool doesn’t turn back.

The Fool lets go.

The Fool begins a journey.
The Fool faces fear.
The Fool trusts.

The Fool lets her thoughts get lost in the wind…
And then comes back and lets her heart do the rest.

This post originally appeared on Drawing Within’s blog as a guest post