When I took this photo it was a moment of complete surrender.

I was walking up the Tor in the dark by myself, with the light of the full moon, just weeks before starting my Priestess program.

In that moment, and many others since, I became a Priestess. There was no big ceremony. It was just me and the Goddess. It has always been like this for me. I suspect it always will be.

  • I honour the ancient lineage of serving the Goddess. And I honour Goddesses from around the world as part of a reclamation of the sacred in all forms.
  • The first Goddess who came to me was Green Tara in the green woods outside a Vajrayana Buddhist meditation retreat. I now live my life by the principles of compassion.
  • I was raised a 3rd generation atheist, and made peace with God in a Catholic Church in Montreal, and I’m forever grateful. That day helped me out of the deepest depression I was ever in and gave me back my life.
  • I’ve studied Druidry and want to learn Reiki. I love crystals, plants and tarot cards.
  • I see the world as animistic and interconnected. Nature is where I find a mystical connection with spirit.
  • I drum with a custom-made reindeer drum made for me in the European Shamanic tradition. I journey and work with guides.
  • I am a queer fat femme witch and so much more.

Sometimes this scares me. Sometimes all I want to do is hide and be a hermit in the woods somewhere. Not because I worry about what people outside the spiritual community will say but because of what people within it might.

And the thing is I can’t control what people think or say. But I can be myself. I’ve had enough of trying to fit myself in boxes for other people.

So, I surrender and choose to continue to walk this winding path I’m on. I choose, over and over again, to be brave. For myself. And so that others may walk their winding paths knowing they are not alone.