In the last couple of weeks, I’ve retired a major self-study program, all my workbooks, my poetry book (until I can get it printed), and so much more. I let go of 10 things I poured my heart and soul into over the last 6 years.

Then I lost a long-term visual map I’d created for my work. My heart sank.

I told myself, I would remember what was really important and it forced me to get really really clear about what mattered. I felt a bit lost in the underworld for a little while.

So, I sat in my office for days and days and re-did my website because there’s nothing like a good digital cleaning of your online home and I moved Tarot School to a January start because that’s what it needed.

Lauren Barber wrote yesterday about that period between the caterpillar and the butterfly. That it requires a kind of surrender that’s essential for our growth.

Well, it totally rang true because I’ve never felt more naked in my life. Some days it feels like I’m free falling without a parachute.

Then I talk to Stacy and she assures me that magic is happening. That we can make magic when we put our minds to it.

And then I look at this photo I took in Delphi. I was in freaking Delphi! Legs shaking, heart pounding, I did it. My pilgrim soul feels like it’s taking flight even if flying feels a bit like diving into thin air right now.