Earlier this week I wrote to you about believing in fairies and how my inner wise self asked me to. Well, my inner young one has never been happier but my inner critic has had a few things to say to me.

Six of Cups, Ostara TarotThen I drew a card. It’s a gorgeous card from the Ostara Tarot. I only have the app because I missed the independent artists deck publishing boat.

It’s the Six of Cups and it glows with a white whale in the centre of the card. The book literally said, “allow the child within to gain control of your actions…your innocence and wonder are powerful tools!”

Well, my inner child kind of spun around and stuck her tongue out at the grumbling inner critic in the corner and my inner wise one just watched the whole thing.

Your innocence and wonder are powerful tools! Without them the greatest works of art, music and literature wouldn’t exist.

Innocence and wonder are what inspires us to make the world a better place.

When we can get up in the morning and see the wonder, we can get through anything, create anything, be anything.

Take that inner critic!