Enter the Temple & Discover Your Inner Priestess

Journey to activate the web of life as you walk between the worlds and meet your inner Priestess. You will light your inner flame with Vesta, be introduced to the labyrinth Priestess lineage and complete a personal dedication ceremony.

You’re invited to Step into Safe and Sacred Space

Women all around the globe are opening their hearts to a new way of showing up in deepest devotion and true Divine Feminine leadership. They are stepping into their light and sharing their wisdom with courage and strength.

They are opening their hearts to the Priestess within even when it feels like stepping into unfamiliar territory. They are finding Her presence in every aspect of their lives and are finding new ways to serve that truly lift each other up.

Have you also heard the whisperings of your soul to step on the Priestess Path in this lifetime?​

You are part of this great movement of women who are taking their power back through tender and wild-hearted strength.

During This Three Day Devotional:

You will be lovingly guided in a very special journey to experience the essence of your inner Priestess in a week filled with supportive sisterhood.

It’s such a powerful time right now, and we’ll be gathering right in the midst of three eclipses, Venus retrograde and Vestalia (a festival in honour of Vesta).

Join the Circle for FREE: June 9-11

3:00 pm New York / 12 noon SanFrancisco / 8:00 pm UK / 5:00 am+ day Sydney

Replays will be available for one week.


June 9: Step on the Spiral Path:  Walking Between the Worlds with Persephone

June 10:  Weave the Web of Life: The Heart of the Labyrinth with Ariadne

June 11: Light Your Inner Flame with Vesta and Venus

*When you sign up you will also receive Love Letters

Our vision and mission are to change the vibration of the planet by creating conscious and thriving communities and YOU are a part of that.