I don’t want to tell you a pretty story. I want to tell you about the pain of regret.

How my heart just broke open, my breathing quickened, and my tears flowed.

As I remembered myself 20 years ago when I first discovered I was a healer and did nothing about it.

When I discovered that I loved the Goddess and hid instead of honouring her everyday.

When I knew I wanted to write poetry for a living and wandered from class to class avoiding that MFA.

I want to say, “I’m a priestess.”

Spirit Moves ThroughThat spirit is real. Right here and now in everyday life.

In the awe I feel when I stop and listen to the wind

Or feel my heart break open.

Feel the breath and the tears. Let them start and stop.

Can you hear the space between?

I’ve been waiting to be free.