Spiral Path


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Spiral Path Priestess Devotional Replays

Thousands of years ago:⁠⁠

  • The Great Mother Goddess was revered⁠⁠
  • We had access to a direct experience of the Divine⁠⁠
  • Sacred mystery rites were held by Priestesses⁠⁠
  • We performed ceremonies and rituals with ease⁠⁠
  • We nurtured our intuitive and visionary capabilities⁠⁠
  • We were present to the rhythms of the moon, sun and stars⁠⁠
  • And we aligned our lives to a different kind of time⁠⁠

Between the Worlds

Journey Instructions:

Go to a forest and notice a spiral path. Follow it to an ancient temple with spirals carved on the outside. Inside you will meet your inner Priestess. Ask them what you need to know about your Priestess path. They will give you a gift. Come back with the beating of the drum.


We take our power back now!

Seeing ourselves, our bodies and our sexuality as sacred was taken away from us through millennia of oppression. The earth, no longer seen as a living Goddess, was harmed. We no longer saw the power in other womxn’s eyes. We forgot who we were.⁠⁠

Heart of the Labyrinth

Journey Instructions:

Pick up the red thread and move in whatever way your body wants to into the centre. Take your time and notice what is all around you. In the centre, you will meet Ariadne and she share with you what you need on your personal journey of transformation and rebirth. There may be time to explore the center of the labyrinth some more and when you hear the call back journey out of the labyrinth the same way you went in. Notice what you see.


We are on the verge of a great shift in our world. Never before has it been more important to embody love and be a beauty bridge between heaven and earth.⁠⁠

Light Your Flame


Are you ready to open your heart to the Priestess within and bring  heaven to earth?

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