Lately I’ve been holding my drum up to my heart, playing it with my eyes closed and simply feeling the sound flow though every part of my body.

I’ve been reading long into the night and curling up next to the fire (no more Youtube videos of fireplaces for me! …you do what you must when you live in an apartment for years).

Lately, I’ve been noticing that every part of me craves rest.

More and more I long to dwell in the quiet places: the soft and gentle seat of my meditation cushion, the white space of my journal, the dim light of the darkening days.

I’ve let go of some major projects in order to connect back to my divine centre once more. I’m much more consciously choosing how to spend my energy so that what I offer comes only from the best part of me.

And it all feels so good. So expanded. So right.

I’m holding space within so I can hold it without.

I drew the Hermit card today from the Mary-el Tarot. Thank you Hermit. You teach me that my light shines even amidst radical life change. You teach me there are times for stillness and times for movement. You teach me that energy matters. How I treat myself matters. You teach me that the Holy No and the Holy Yes are one in the same!

▪ What is your centre asking of you right now?
▪ What are you craving?
▪ Is it to write your novel, make art every day, be in sacred sisterhood, plant seeds or allow space for death?

Listen. Listen to the heartbeat that drums though your body. It knows. You can trust.