Soul-Inspired Workbooks & Poetry

Give yourself permission to follow your rhythms and respect your limits without being held by them.

I love memoir and these letters are one way that I give you my life. I share my stories in the hope that they will help you feel free to be exactly who you are in this world knowing that there’s a fellow traveller on the road with you.

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A gentle way for you to get to know you again

In the simplest and most profound ways.

If you are open to the possibilities, I promise you will hear your own call.

I welcome you to Listen to Your Soul’s Song. This self-study workbook will show you how!

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Your Story is Sacred!

This self-study workbook will inspire and connect you to your unique memoir using the tarot.

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Without Limit explores my experience of depression and how I find hope in the everyday of my life!

There is magic to be found even on our darkest days.

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