How can I discover what’s magical in this moment? 
How do I choose love over fear even when the fear feels stronger? 
What would it be like to flower into wholeness?

You see, I’m committed to amazement and a shimmering life.

Shimmer is my word for the year. It chose me and I’m pretty excited about it.

I’ve been dancing, writing, seeing myself with compassion, and falling more and more in love with the world.

Every once and a while I feel my heart blaze with an ache that cannot be put in words.

Every once in a while my eyes will fill with tears that I can’t explain.

Every once in a while it feels like everything must come apart in order to come back together.

Be Love, I say.

Let go of the weight you carry, I whisper

You are a beautiful flower, I remind myself.

Perhaps, this moment to moment choice to flower is the first lesson of a shimmering life.

A dance of light. The way to choose love. Be Magic.