As a highly sensitive introvert, I try to take impeccable care of myself. I can end up feeling it all, and that is an understatement.

Last year I took an entire month off social media and didn’t listen to the news or the radio. Now, I’ve let go of the television.

I need to discover for myself what connection looks like for me and how I want to be connected.

One thing I noticed about taking time away is how much clearer and stronger my voice became and how much calmer I felt. 

I have found my soft and tender heart.

Without this time last year, I never would have ended up on a pilgrimage to Greece.

This year, I’ve found deeper strength, rawness, and bravery to shed layers, let go of the news, and share from my heart without having vulnerability hangovers that last for days.

I’m focusing on what is right in front of me and asking the ever-present questions: 

How can I love more?

How can I make an impact in my everyday?

How might I open my heart more and more to what is?