The Priestess Path is transformational change from the inside out.

It’s service to the Goddess as she resides in you

As you act from Her Divine spark in the world.

She invites you to transform your relationships and love your body and sexuality.

She wants you to play, be abundant, find joy and express your creativity.

She is mystic, wild woman, dark mother, maiden, lover, weaver, radiant sovereign, healer, poet, midwife of birth and death, earth mother, oracle, seer, wise woman, crone, creator and destroyer…

And so are You!

She is stillness and movement,
light reflected on the water,
dew on morning grass,
the gentle breeze on a forest path,
the bird’s call,
the light in a flame,
and the wind that rips through cold winters.

She teaches patience and love.
She will whisper in your ears your deepest truths…

She wants you to listen.

Meet the Goddess in Her Many Guises & Aspects

Discover Archetypal Paths of the Priestess

Explore Plant, Animal, and Tree Allies

Work with the Lunar and Solar Cycles and Elemental Energies

What’s Included:

Start Anytime & Go at Your Own Pace!


  • Your Spiritual Journey and Elen of the Ways
  • The Cailleach, Wild Bone and Stone Woman
  • Arianrhod, and the Rebirth of the Soul
  • The Minoan Snake Goddess, the Bee Goddess, and the Labyrinth
  • Compassion and Healing: Tara and Brighid
  • Descent and Return: Inanna, Persephone and Demeter
  • Transformation and the Dark: Cerridwen and Hecate
  • Lover and Maiden: Aphrodite and Flora

Over 40 Beautiful and Encouraging Pdf Booklets housed in Teachable, an easy to access learning platform.

Video and Audio Lessons to help guide you through the program!

Guidance in Celebrating the Wheel of the Year Seasonal Festivals!

Elemental Workbooks to help you explore earth, air, water and fire in your life.