Sage Priestess






Discover and Reclaim
Your Calling as a Priestess

This program will bring you into the heart of the Mystery, the space between the seen and unseen, where your inner Priestess resides.


Step into your light and share your wisdom with courage and strength.

This program will nurture and help you reclaim your power and calling as a Priestess. We’ll enter the mystery together. At every step of the way, you’ll be encouraged to listen to your inner wisdom and be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine.

Program Begins June 23, 2021 




2021 Student Guide

Acess the student guide for full details about Sage Priestess Certification, including this year’s theme “Heaven to Earth”.


Why Walk the Priestess Path?

People all over the world need your dedicated devotion & connection to spirit.

  • Discover the rewards of being a sacred guide for others.

  • Develop spiritual self-mastery

  • Stand in your strength, sovereignty and personal power.

  • Hold space for people to connect deeply to their souls. 

  • Devote yourself to the Priestess Path

  • Explore what being a Priestess can mean to you.

Vanessa Sage, PhD
Program Founder and Guide

Meet Vanessa Sage, PhD

Hello! I’m a spiritual and business mentor, cultural anthropologist and founder of Sage Priestess Certification. I’ve been immersed in spirituality for over 25 years and I walk this path with you.


I met Vanessa Sage online a few years ago and immediately resonated with her approach to Goddess spirituality and her vulnerable sharing of her own life.  She is of a younger generation than me, carrying forward the teachings of Goddess spirituality by honoring the elders yet moving into contemporary times.  There are many priestess training programs out there today, but I think hers is one of the best.


Heaven to Earth
Online Priestess Learning

Vanessa taught me the power of holding sacred space and circle space online. I didn’t realize this was possible. Vanessa models a mastery in holding a sacred space of presence and compassion for ‘everyone in the room’. Were it not for my receiving this experience I may not have been as prepared as I was to sit beside my Mother for her final week as she readied herself to leave her body behind. Learning how to hold space is one of the richest and most rewarding practices I have added to my life long learning, and I am so grateful for it. Read Denise Daffara’s Blog Post HERE.


A Professional Training


  • Embark on a transformative experience and be initiated into a worldwide movement of profound creative and spiritual realization.

  • Move from theory to practice to embody vital spiritual and conscious leadership that will touch every aspect of your life.

  • Journey to meet your deepest self, activate your soul’s calling and skillfully guide others on their path.

  • Advance your learning in an immersive collective with other radiant and luminous women.


You Will Receive:

9 Temple Gateways
Opening and Closing Ceremonies
25 Live Ceremonial Teaching & Practice Calls
9 Live Devotional Calls*
Living Priestess Video Teachings
17 Guest Teachings

Beautiful PDF Priestess Journals, Practices & Recommended Resources
8 Optional Sisterhood Sharing Circle Calls**
Engaged Online Sisterhood
All Program Materials in Private Online Classroom

Calls are Recorded and Scheduled to Meet our Global Needs
*Devotional Calls are a Bonus when you sign up by June 23rd, 2021
**Sisterhood circles have several timezone-specific call times to choose from and are not recorded.

Explore the Benefits

Share Your Gifts

Priestessing is a way to share your spiritual gifts and deepen your personal spiritual path.

Support Others On Their Path

When you support others on their path of spiritual connection, the rewards are simply limitless. You become part of something much greater than yourself, and bring healing, love and light into the world with your Priestessing.

Empowered Compassionate Leadership

Learn how to lead with your whole self and share leadership in ways that truly empower others. You’ll learn how to develop strong energetic boundaries so you can do this work  with joy and without getting depleted.

Practical Tools

Learn the energetic nature of ritual and ceremony, how to lead circles, and develop embodied practices that will help you easily bring your gifts to the  world. Practice your skills in the safety of a like-minded community and apply these tools to all aspects of your life: yourself, family, work, relationships & creativity.

Who is a Priestess?

Wise women, spiritual leaders and mediators of spirit who hold space for others to heal and connect.


I was skeptical at first about calling myself a priestess. Now after having been involved in the program and community for several years, I feel so honored to be part of this modern lineage that Vanessa has created.  I many ways I feel that Vanessa is building a movement. Sage Priestess is so much more than a training program.  Vanessa is reviving ancient practices and uniting a lineage of priestesses who become well equipped in the process to provide spiritual and healing support to themselves and the world.


Your Temple Gateways

8 Uniquely Themed Temples + An Orientation Temple & Closing Ceremony. Begins June 2021


Enter the Temple

Step on the Spiral Path and journey to activate the web of life as you walk between the worlds and meet your inner Priestess. Learn about devotional cycles and rhythms, sacred space, altars and the Sage Priestess lineage. Take part in a beautiful ceremony as you embark on this soul path.  (June)

  • An Introduction to the Goddess and Priestessing
  • Learn about our Devotional Cycles and Rhythms
  • An Introduction to Sacred Space and Altars
  • Your Sacred Curriculum & Schedule
  • Orientation Call, Opening Ceremony & Sharing Circle
  • Your Priestess Practices for the Program


Modern Priestessing

With awe, wonder and devotion stand in your vision of what Priestessing looks like for you, develop your own unique way of connecting with the Divine, and take your place in the ancient Priestess lineages. Feel the support of the Great Mother as you activate radiant light. (July)

  • Priestess Lineages Past, Present & Future
  • Connecting with the Heart of the Goddess
  • Walking a Modern Devotional Priestess Path
  • Personal Dedication Ceremony
  • Stand in Your Vision of What Priestessing is for You


Walking a Mystics Path

Explore mysticism and the ancient mystery traditions. You will honour celestial cycles and embrace dreaming & divining as intuitive Priestess gifts. Sophia, Shekinah, and the Black Madonna will hold you as you shine your luminous light in the world. (August)

  • Know Yourself: Mysticism for the Modern World
  • Grail Within: Remembering Lost Rites & Mysteries
  • Cosmic Mother of Creation: Holy Wisdom
  • Honouring the Black Madonna Cross-Culturally
  • You are the Bridge: Practices of Soul Presence


Ritual & Ceremony

Learn practical ritual, ceremony, and circle holding skills to bring to your communities. Learn about rites of passage, pilgrimage and initiation. Bring back the gifts of the Underworld with Inanna and Persephone. (September)

  • Priestessing with Ritual & Ceremony
  • Develop Strong Circle Holding Skills
  • Learn about Rites of Passage, Pilgrimage & Initiation
  • Crafting Journeys, Visualizations & Meditations
  • Descent and Return with Inanna & Persephone


Honouring the Dark

Meet the witch, wild bone & stone woman as you journey through the veils and mist. You will discover strength and healing in the shadow and honour your ancestors. Supported by the Dark Goddess and Isis, reclaim your wild and tender heart. (October/November)

  • Understand and Work with Light & Shadow
  • Reclaim Your Wild & Tender Heart
  • Fear & Burning: Transforming Cultural Shadows
  • Witchcraft & Shamanism Through Time & Space
  • Healing the Sisterhood Wound
  • Honouring Your Ancestors


Love and Protection

Priestess with grace, openness and vulnerability when you’re highly sensitive. Learn how to self-priestess, develop energetic boundaries, and see yourself and others with compassion. Mother Mary will guide you as you heal in the sanctuary of the sacred well. (December)

  • Embody Grace and Compassion
  • Priestessing for Highly Sensitive & Empaths
  • Energetic Boundaries & Open-Hearted Living
  • Sacred Soul-Care & Loving All That You Are
  • Holding Space for Cycles of Death and Rebirth


You Are The Light

Journey to activate Divine union. Shed your skin and feel the ease of transcendence, renewal and quickening. Walk through the threshold as you take part in releasing and renewal ceremonies. Be strengthened by Bridgid and come into balance with the power of the Divine Feminine rising within. (January/ February)

  • Eros Rising: Activate the Light Body Within
  • Ritual Marriage & Balancing of Opposites
  • Power of the Serpent & Ouroboros Cross-Culturally
  • Create Releasing and Renewal Ceremonies
  • Use Your Voice & Cultivate Your Bardic Gifts


Walk With Beauty

Honour the earth and celebrate all that is with joy, inspiration, passion and bliss as you complete your journey of return. Walk with beauty as you open to the flow of living an earth-centred, interdependent and animist life. Be held in Gaia’s loving embrace. (March)

  • Seasonal Living for an Earth Centred Life
  • Celebrations for Your Wheel of the Year
  • Deepen Your Relationship with the Elements
  • Understanding Interdependence & Animism
  • Embracing Your Rhythms and Living in Flow


Your Sovereignty

Dance, drum and sing into the heart of Ariadne’s labyrinth as you weave the wild edges of your sovereignty. Truly know the heart of your purpose so that you can stand in full strength and serve in your own unique way. Take part in an initiation ceremony and make personal vows to come full circle on your Priestess path. (April)

  • Stand in Full Strength with Authentic Vulnerability
  • Understanding Power Dynamics as Radiant Leaders
  • Call In and Work with Those You are Meant to Serve
  • Take Part in Initiation & Closing Ceremonies Witnessed & Celebrated in Sacred Community

Through her transformative wisdom, Vanessa is reinventing what it means to step into your feminine power and connect with and honour your own divine nature. Big shifts have occurred for me. She has shown me how to trust myself, dig deep and finally find the courage to allow my inner light to shine. And for that I am truly thankful.

– KAREN FAITH, Artist and Priestess Mentor


Take the next step on your priestess path!
What would a conscious investment mean for your life, work, and relationships this year?


$50 application is refundable until 6/30/21 if you choose not to enroll.
Tuition: Monthly $333 USD in 12 payments or Pay-in Full $3,330 USD

May your devotion to this path bring infinite rewards


Enhance Your Experience

ADD ON One or Both Options Below To Deepen Your Experience

Wisdom Keepers

Are you Ready to Step Into Radiant Leadership?

Take your life and work to the next level in this small group experience, working semi-privately with Vanessa in four intensives, provides powerful accountability in a co-created space. We’ll help you step into your power and overcome any challenges in bringing your Priestessing work into the world.

If interested please fill out add on section in the application form.

Add On $1,450
or 12 Payments of $145

Pricing increases after May 19


Are you looking for personalized Guidance On Your Priestess Journey?

An advanced 1:1 Mentorship for conscious mindful leaders and creative spiritual professionals who want to make a positive impact on the world. We’ll support you through ten 1-on-1 sessions with a focus on service, contribution and voice, and building your legacy. Mentorship is available with either Vanessa Sage or Stacy Maskell.

If interested please fill out add on section in the application form.

Add On $2,450
or 12 Payments of $245

Pricing increases after May 19

Bonus Gifts

Walk with the Goddess in deep devotion and celebration

Three Devotionals taking place during key turnings of the year and times of ancient mystery. Embody your inner queen with Venus, Mary & Hathor, journey to the heart of love with Isis during her Mysteries, and be ignited in inspiration with Brighid at Imbolc.

Awakening Awareness: An Introduction to QiGong

with Pen McKinley-Rogers. Yours Free (Value $200)

Over $777 Value as Gratitude Gifts when you apply & register by June 23rd

Guest Teachers

More Information

The Sage Wisdom Keepers is a small council who will witness you with complete belief in your potential. You meet four times and give a short presentation on an area you would like support. Vanessa and the council will give you supportive feedback. After each council meeting, you will receive personalized assignments to complete.

The Apprentice Mentorship is a private 1:1 mentorship with either Vanessa Sage or Stacy Maskell. This is an intensive and highly transformative experience with activating feedback to support your service, contribution and voice.

You can choose to do one OR both experiences. In order to provide flexible support, one does NOT include the other.

Do fill out the application if you’re interested in either level. If you have any questions, email us or book a complimentary 1:1 HERE to discuss your next steps.

Our live calls take place at noon eastern time (with some exceptions) and are 90 minutes long. Each temple consists of a three-day immersive retreat (Wednesday-Friday or Thursday-Saturday) consisting of a teaching lecture, participatory ceremony, sharing circles PLUS an additional guest teacher, practice or ritual. We recommend experiencing each temple as a group retreat, so give yourself space and time to fully integrate the experience. You will be given the full schedule upon registeration.

ALL calls are recorded and available for replay in our online classroom.

Click HERE to apply for your partial scholarship to the program (one thousand dollars is taken off the full price of the program).

Please note, there are a very limited number of partial scholarships available. While these are open to everyone, we particularly invite people in genuine financial need (unemployed or underemployed), those transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship, and those who are financially impacted by systemic marginalization. We request that you consider carefully before applying for these partial scholarships so that these spaces can be given to those most in need.

Applications are not applicable for the Sage Wisdom Keepers or Apprentice Levels and they close on June 30th, 2021.

Have you taken Sage Priestess Certification before and would like to join again? There is a special alumni rate for the main program excluding add ons. Get in touch to learn more.

It’s important for the nature of this work that you set the intention to complete the program. Sage Priestess Certification (the Program and Program add-ons) are non-refundable and non-transferable. By registering with a monthly plan you are making a commitment to complete all payments.

1. Contact us at
2. Schedule a complimentary 1:1 call with a member of our team HERE
3. Join the Interest List HERE

We Care Deeply About Mindful Compassionate Leadership. We are committed to building enriching, conscious, and thriving community based on the principles of love, compassion, kindness, and respect. We offer spiritual sanctuary to all regardless of religious or political affiliation while upholding the values of non-violence, inclusivity, and kindness.

We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming space for people of all ages, cultures, races, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and socioeconomic backgrounds. We are body positive and inclusive of those living with physical disabilities, neurodiversity, mental illness, and those in recovery.

Please be aware that the work we do is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. We understand that the nature of mental health issues are extremely complex and can affect people in varying degrees. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional). It can be rigorous and it may not be suitable for those suffering from acute mental illness, severe depression or trauma, or those having suicidal episodes. Please consult with your medical practitioner before enrolling in our programs or mentoring if you are suffering from an acute mental disorder.

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature. We do not promise any cure and our work is not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies. Please follow the advice of your doctors and counselors for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies, and for any and all mental, physical and emotional health concerns.