Sage Priestess


Step on the Path

Discover and Reclaim
Your Calling as a Priestess

A Professional Training & Personal Initiation
For Creative Spiritual Visionaries


This comprehensive 200-hour certification program is for spiritual creatives, coaches, heart warriors, mindful compassionate leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, seekers and visionaries who long to remember, reclaim, and return to an ancient Priestess path that honours our sacred cycles and rhythms.

At every step of the way, you’re encouraged to listen to your inner wisdom and be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine. As you connect to your source, you are given foundational tools, rituals & ceremonies + a mythic archetypal framework to come home to yourself, share your gifts and support others.

Receive expert mentoring in an interactive sacred space in support of your service, contribution & voice. You’ll apply the principles and practices of the Sage Priestess Certification® modality to both spiritual and secular settings. Gain the confidence and skills to navigate our times with self-authority and inspired devotion to a higher purpose.

Are you ready to usher in a new frequency anchored in the Divine Feminine way and the wisdom of the earth and stars?


You Hold a Red Thread

Vanessa Sage, PhD
Program Founder and Guide

Why Walk the Priestess Path?

People all over the world need your dedicated devotion & connection to spirit.

  • Discover the rewards of being a sacred guide for others.

  • Develop spiritual self-mastery

  • Stand in your strength, sovereignty and personal power.

  • Hold space for people to connect deeply to their souls. 

  • Devote yourself to the Priestess Path

  • Explore what being a Priestess can mean to you.

I met Vanessa Sage online a few years ago and immediately resonated with her approach to Goddess spirituality and her vulnerable sharing of her own life.  She is of a younger generation than me, carrying forward the teachings of Goddess spirituality by honoring the elders yet moving into contemporary times.  There are many priestess training programs out there today, but I think hers is one of the best.


Online Priestess Learning

When you Step on this Path you are becoming part of a global movement and a long lineage of Priestesses who are changing the way we relate to the earth, our bodies, ourselves & each other.

Vanessa taught me the power of holding sacred space and circle space online. I didn’t realize this was possible. Vanessa models a mastery in holding a sacred space of presence and compassion for ‘everyone in the room’. Were it not for my receiving this experience I may not have been as prepared as I was to sit beside my Mother for her final week as she readied herself to leave her body behind. Learning how to hold space is one of the richest and most rewarding practices I have added to my lifelong learning, and I am so grateful for it. Read Denise’s Blog Post HERE.


A Professional Training


  • Embark on a transformative experience and be initiated into a worldwide movement of profound creative and spiritual realization.

  • Move from theory to practice to embody vital spiritual and conscious leadership that will touch every aspect of your life.

  • Journey to meet your deepest self, activate your soul’s calling and skillfully guide others on their path.

  • Advance your learning in an immersive collective with other radiant and luminous women.


AboutVanessa, PhD

Dr. Vanessa Sage, Ph.D. is a Priestess, Cultural Anthropologist, and Poet who brings a breath of fresh air and vital leadership to the re-emergence, reclamation, and cultural shift in Divine Feminine consciousness.

As an academic, business mentor and coach with over 20 years of experience, Vanessa guides creative spiritual visionaries through immersive and transformational programs to experience their true essence and sovereign power.


Vanessa combines a strong critical mind with a childlike sense of wonder (Kermit the Frog is her hero) to seek to understand multiple perspectives and remain hopeful in a challenging world.
Resilient, determined, and with an incredible ability to step out of her comfort zones, Vanessa is carving a new path for others to feel at ease in their own skins, find joy in the everyday, and live a life of peace and purpose.
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I knew instantly that I had found the program for me. I saw two things that were completely different than what I had seen elsewhere. First, while Vanessa clearly had a frame of reference for her spirituality, she invited everyone and encouraged people to find what was right for them. The other was the obvious intersectionality of spirituality, culture, and identity. The ways in which Vanessa has intertwined the divine in her daily life feels accessible, practical, and real.



You Will Receive:

Our 2022 in-depth 200-hour curriculum includes:

12 Temple Gateways
75 hours of Live Online Instruction
15 hours of Optional Sacred Fire Sharing Circles*
2 Live Opening and Closing Ceremonies
34 Temple Calls

Temples Include:
University-level Teaching
Goddess Transmissions
Application & Practice Experiences
Rituals & Ceremonies
Honouring Our Holy Days & Guides

Extensive Library of Videos & PDF Teachings
Engaged Online Space to Share & Connect
Bonus Guest Teachings in the Sacred Library
All Program Materials in Private Online Classroom
Annual Alumni Online Gathering (after completion)

Comprehensive PDF Packets Including:
Core Teaching Concepts, Tools, Practices & Resources
Journals, Prompts & Card Spreads for Reflection & Integration

Calls are Recorded and Scheduled to Meet our Global Needs. *Sharing Circles are not recorded.

Program Levels

Sage Priestess

Take a Descent & Return Pilgrimage

Your in-depth 200-hour Curriculum includes 12 Temple Gateways, Comprehensive PDF Packets, 75 hours of Live Instruction, 15 hours of Sacred Fire Sharing Circles, Guest Teachers, additional Video/Audio Training + an Extensive Library of Past Teachings.


Step Into Radiant Leadership

In the Sage Priestess Professional Level, you will participate in 10 additional group mentoring calls throughout the year. Get exclusive access to Vanessa in a small group environment to take your work to the next level. Enrolment is limited to 10 people.


Receive Personalized  Guidance

The Apprentice Mentorship is a private 1:1 mentorship including 10 sessions. This is an intensive and highly transformative experience with activating feedback to support your service, contribution and voice. Enrollment is limited to 5 people.

Explore the Benefits – Flip to Discover

Share Your Gifts

Priestessing is a way to share your spiritual gifts and deepen your personal spiritual path. When you connect with your higher purpose and gain clarity on what you were brought here to do, you’re able to reach the people who’ve been waiting for you and make a difference in the world.

Support Others On Their Path

When you support others on their path of spiritual connection, the rewards are simply limitless. You become part of something much greater than yourself, and bring healing, love and light into the world with your Priestessing.

Empowered Compassionate Leadership

Learn how to lead with your whole self and share leadership in ways that truly empower others. You’ll learn how to develop strong energetic boundaries so you can do this work with joy and without getting depleted.

Practical Tools

Learn the energetic nature of ritual and ceremony, how to lead circles, and develop embodied practices that will help you easily bring your gifts to the world. Practice your skills in the safety of a like-minded community and apply these tools to all aspects of your life: yourself, family, work, relationships & creativity.

I was skeptical at first about calling myself a priestess. Now after having been involved in the program and community for several years, I feel so honored to be part of this modern lineage that Vanessa has created.In many ways, I feel that Vanessa is building a movement. Sage Priestess is so much more than a training program.  Vanessa is reviving ancient practices and uniting a lineage of priestesses who become well equipped in the process to provide spiritual and healing support to themselves and the world.


Who is a Priestess?

Wise women, spiritual leaders and mediators of spirit who hold space for others to heal and connect.

Your Temple Gateways

Your in-depth 200-hour Curriculum includes 12 Temple Modules, Comprehensive PDF Packets, 75 hours of Live Instruction, Sacred Teachings, Goddess Transmissions, Rituals, Ceremonies, Sharing Circles & Video/Audio Training.

Take a descent and return pilgrimage to reclaim your wholeness as holiness.


Ancient Temple of the Great Mother (June)

You’ve listened to your soul’s longing and answered the Priestess’ call. In the embrace of the Great Mother, enter the temple and make offerings as you bless your steps. Journey to activate the web of life as you take your place in ancient Priestess lineages.

  • The Heart of the Goddess with the Ancient Mother
  • Roots of Priestessing & Ancient Priestess Lineages
  • The Wheel of the Year & Working with the Elements
  • An Introduction to Sacred Space and Altars
  • Opening Ceremony, Orientation & Your Sacred Practices

Turning: Litha (Summer Solstice)
Guides: Palaeolithic and Neolithic Great Mother
Priestess Archetype: Creator – Source of Life
Pilgrimage Journey: Preparation
Keys: First Steps, Longing, Dedication
Symbols: Spiral, Cave, Animals
Mysteries: Womb and Tomb


Star Temple of Sacred Rites & Initiation (July)

As you walk the rose-petaled path, pick up the red thread of the Priestess. Come home to yourself as you midwife your soul. Learn about rites of passage, devotional cycles and pilgrimage. On this journey, you will never be alone. Your destiny calls and so you continue.

  • Star Wisdom: Enter the Mysteries of the Venus Rose Path
  • Living Myth: Descent and Return with Inanna
  • Pilgrimage of the Heart: Numinous Places, Devotional Cycles & Holy Days
  • Moving Between the Worlds: Rites of Passage & Initiations

Element: Fire
Guides: Inanna/Ishtar & Ereshkigal
Priestess Archetype: Initiated & Initiator
Pilgrimage Journey: The Call
Keys: Anchor Point, Call of Destiny
Symbols: Eight-Pointed Star, Rose, Apple, Pentagram
Mysteries: Venus and Star


Lion Temple of the Sovereign Queen (August)

Open your arms to all that you are. Meet yourself with courage and strength. With awe, wonder and devotion stand in your vision of what Priestessing looks like for you, take your seat on your throne, and develop your own unique way of connecting with the Divine. As you walk the sacred way, hold all that you are in love.

  • Edge of Becoming: Liberation & Courage with the Cybele, Ephesian Artemis & the Amazons
  • Sirius, the Lion’s Gate & Throne with Isis/Auset
  • Held in the Black Madonna’s Embrace

Turning: Lughnasadh
Guides: Cybele, Artemis, Amazons, Black Madonna & Isis/Auset
Priestess Archetype: Queen – Sovereign Power
Pilgrimage Journey: The Sacred Way
Keys: Courage, Facing Yourself
Symbols: Lion, Sacred Knot, Ankh
Mysteries: Spiritual Sun


Red Seed Temple of Ritual & Ceremony (September)

As you walk an earth path, greet the mysteries that Persephone, Demeter & Hecate have for you. Learn practical ritual & ceremony skills to bring to your life and work. You’ve been preparing for this moment all your life. Holding yourself in compassionate love, trust in the process. With a deep breath, prepare to surrender as you step through to the other side.

  • Earth Honouring: Contemporary Paganism, Animism & Earth Mysteries
  • Thresholds: Mystery Traditions with Persephone, Demeter & Hecate
  • Earth Centred Ritual & Ceremony Structures

Turning: Mabon (Autumn Equinox)
Guides: Persephone, Demeter, Hecate
Priestess Archetype: Keeper of the Mysteries
Pilgrimage Journey: The Threshold
Keys: Harvest, Release, Surrender
Symbols: Pomegranate, Grain, Dog
Mysteries: Red Seed & Chthonic


Dragon Temple of the Otherworld (October)

Recalibrate old paradigms and transform cultural shadows for future generations. Work with the moon and discover your inner warrior. On your journey of descent, know that you are held in safe and sacred space. Allow whatever arises to flow and wash over you. As you walk between worlds, the veil is lifted.

  • Paradigm Shifts: The Dragon, Warrior and the Goddess with Tiamat & Athena
  • Fear & Burning: Transforming Cultural Shadows with Lilith & Eve
  • Witchcraft Through Time & Place
  • Moon Mysteries: Lift the Veil Morganna & the Fey

Element: Water
Guides: Tiamat, Lilith, Eve, Morganna & Athena
Priestess Archetype: Wild Warrior & Witch
Pilgrimage Journey: The Liminal
Keys: Wildness, Veil, Cultural Wounds
Symbols: Dragon, Mists, Fey
Mysteries: Primordial Sea & Moon


Dark Moon Temple of Shadow (November)

Surrounded by those who have come before, reach into the darkness and find the bones of who you are, who you were, and who you will become. Call the missing pieces of yourself back into being.

  • Cunning Folk & the Old Ways: Stir Your Inner Cauldron with Cerridwen
  • Embracing the Crone: Shadow Work for Priestessing with Baba Yaga & Cailleach
  • Ancestors & Death Mysteries with Santa Muerte & Le Llorona

Turning: Samhain
Guides: Cerridwen, Baba Yaga, Cailleach, Santa Muerte & Le Llorona
Priestess Archetype: Crone – Life & Death Doula
Pilgrimage Journey: Navigating the Dark
Keys: Shadow, Ancestors, Grieving, Death
Symbols: Cauldron, Bone & Stone
Mysteries: Death & Cunning


Grail Temple of Radiant Light (December)

Explore mysticism, and know thyself as Sophia, Shekinah, and Mary Magdalene hold you. Let your dreams incubate, as you open to your oracular gifts. In a space of stillness, find your center. Shine your luminous light in the world and restore yourself back to wholeness.

  • Spirit and Soul on Earth: Walking a Mystics Path with Sophia & Shekinah
  • Gnosis: The Grail Within with Mary Magdalene
  • Know Thyself: Discover Your Oracular Gifts with the Pythia

Turning: Yule (Winter Solstice)
Guides: Sophia, Shekinah, Magdalene, Pythia
Priestess Archetype: Wisdom – Mystic Visionary Vessel
Pilgrimage Journey: Finding the Centre
Keys: Incubation, Gestation, Restoration
Symbols: Grail, Tree of Life, Vesica Piscis
Mysteries: Radiant Light


Holy Temple of Alchemical Grace (January)

Around the sacred fire, chant, sing, meditate and pray. Priestess with grace, openness and vulnerability. See yourself and others with compassion. Feel yourself coming back to life. You’ve found your centre, you are awakening.

  • Scatter Grace in Your Eyes with Mother Mary & the Seraphin Angels
  • Holy of Holies: Tend the Temple in Service & Devotion
  • Nurture Compassion, Hold Space and Circles with Tara & Kuan Yin

Element: Earth
Guides: Mother Mary, Tara & Kuan Yin
Priestess Archetype: Tender of the Temple – Space Holder
Pilgrimage Journey: Nurturing the Soul
Keys: Empathy, Sensitivity, Gentleness
Symbols: Seraphim Angel, Lotus, Dove, Holy of Holies
Mysteries: Alchemical Grace


Snake Temple of Regeneration (February)

Shed your skin and feel the ease of transcendence, renewal and quickening. It’s time to thrive and let go of what no longer serves you. These many layers are heavy and burdensome. Rise up, leaving the weight of them behind.

  • Light Your Sacred Flame of Inspiration with Bridgit
  • Snake Mysteries: Activate the Light Body Within & Rise
  • Releasing & Renewing Ceremony with Artemis

Turning: Imbolc
Guides: Bridgit & Artemis/Diana/Sulis/Bendis
Priestess Archetype: Maiden – Seeker of Life
Pilgrimage Journey: Shedding Skin
Keys: Renew, Emerge, Thrive, Bard, Poetry, Pottery, Archery
Symbols: Caduceus, Cosmic Egg, Flame
Mysteries: Snake


Labyrinth Temple of Ecstasy (March)

Dance, drum and sing into the heart of Ariadne’s labyrinth as you weave the wild edges of your sovereignty. Reclaim your creative Source and energy. Truly know your purpose so that you can stand in full strength and serve in your own unique way. As you begin your journey back, you’ll see the parts of yourself you’ve released, accepted, and integrated. You stand taller. You are sovereign. You are changed.

  • Weave the Web of Life: Heart of the Labyrinth with Ariadne, Pasiphae & Amalthea
  • Shoulders Back, Tits Out: Claiming Your Power & Honouring Your Journey with the Minoan Snake Goddess
  • Red Thread Mysteries: Ecstatic Transformation

Turning: Ostara (Spring Equinox)
Guides: Minoan Snake Goddess, Ariadne, Pasiphae, Amalthea
Priestess Archetype: Ecstatic – Weaver of the Web
Pilgrimage Journey: Labyrinth Path
Keys: Ecstasy, Weaving, Drumming, Dancing, Music, Song
Symbols: Butterfly, Labrys, Ram, Bull, Thread, Labyrinth
Mysteries: Red Thread


Bee Temple of Devotion (April)

It’s time to take up the call and share the wisdom you’ve learned. Walk with beauty as you open to the flow of living an earth-centred, interdependent and animist life. Be held in Gaia’s loving embrace. Take your place around the sacred fire, knowing you are part of the great web of life.

  • Devotional Service & Earth Guardianship with the Bee Goddess
  • Modern Priestessing: Reclaiming Your Ancient Lineage
  • Advanced Circle Energetics, Facilitating Ritual & Ceremony
  • Working with Journeys & Creating Meditations and Visualizations
  • Dream the World into Being & Bring Heaven to Earth

Element: Air
Guides: Gaia, Ancient Bee & Bird Goddesses, Potnia, Parvati, Flora
Priestess Archetype: Melissae – Devotional Service
Pilgrimage Journey: Bringing Heaven to Earth
Keys: Engage, Share the Wisdom, Tend the Fire, Bee Keeper, Earth Guardian
Symbols: Bee, Hive, Honey, Bird
Mysteries: Earth & Resurrection


Rose Temple of Sacred Pleasure (May)

Open to Hathor and Aphrodite’s sweet nectar, as you experience raw beauty & sacred pleasure. Journey to activate Divine union and the beloved sensual lover. Emerge, feeling the warmth of the sun, the softness of the breeze, the cleansing waters of the Mother and the bare earth under your feet. As if you are seeing everything for the first time, you dance with the aliveness of the Divine.

  • Sacred Pleasure & Blood Mysteries with Hathor & Aphrodite
  • Embodiment, Divine Union & the Lover of Life: Reclaiming Wildness & Raw Beauty
  • Take Part in a Closing Ceremony Witnessed & Celebrated in Joy

Turning: Beltane
Guides: Aphrodite/Venus, Hathor, Divine Couples
Priestess Archetype: Lover – Divine Union
Pilgrimage Journey: The Return
Keys: Embodiment, Union, Sexuality
Symbols: Sun, Mirror, Dolphin, Myrtle, Swan, Pearl
Mysteries: Blood & Sacred Pleasure

Through her transformative wisdom, Vanessa is reinventing what it means to step into your feminine power and connect with and honour your own divine nature. Big shifts have occurred for me. She has shown me how to trust myself, dig deep and finally find the courage to allow my inner light to shine. And for that I am truly thankful.

– KAREN FAITH, Artist and Priestess Mentor

More Information

When you step on this path, you will find yourself joyfully engaging in the content, exploring the practices, and connecting with each other. You’ll be lovingly held and witnessed by your fellow Priestesses on the path. The rewards are immeasurable when you show up for this sacred work.

We recommend blocking out 2-3 hours a week depending on your schedule and other commitments.

Our live calls take place at over three days each month and are 2 hours. Each temple consists of a three-day immersive retreat (Thursday-Saturday) consisting of a combination of teachings, practical application workshops, rituals and ceremonies.

We recommend experiencing each temple as a group retreat, so give yourself space and time to fully integrate the experience. You will be given the full schedule upon registration.

ALL calls are recorded and available for replay in our online classroom.

You receive a certificate after completing the program and demonstrating your participation through a written check-in at the end of the program. You are asked to show up to the temples as much as you possibly can (and when that’s not possible show that you’ve watched the replays).  You are given all the certification information and deadlines during orientation. You can still participate in the program without doing the certification. The certificate modal honours your time and effort. It is an accomplishment to take and complete this program. I believe it’s important to place value on a training like this just as we would on meditation teacher training or coach training.

In the 2002/23 spiral of the program, you have access for as long as I have an online presence.

This devotional Divine Feminine path is inclusive and open to womxn, non-binary and trans. If the Priestess path resonates with you, then you are welcome here.

The program works with the descent and return journey and the Wheel of the Year based in the Northern Hemisphere. Call times also work better for people in the Northern Hemisphere. However, we have had many people take the program who live in the Southern Hemisphere. You are warmly invited to make seasonal adaptations, return to the material at a more suitable time, and watch the replays.

Registration closes on the New Moon on June 28, 2022. Enrollment opens once a year.

It’s important for the nature of this work that you set the intention to complete the program. Sage Priestess Certification (the Program and Program add-ons) are non-refundable and non-transferable. By registering with a monthly plan you are making a commitment to complete all payments.

Please be aware that the work we do is not designed to treat or diagnose any psychological disorders. We understand that the nature of mental health issues are extremely complex and can affect people in varying degrees. Our work affects many levels (mental and emotional). It can be rigorous and it may not be suitable for those suffering from acute mental illness, severe depression or trauma, or those having suicidal episodes. Please consult with your medical practitioner before enrolling in our programs or mentoring if you are suffering from an acute mental disorder.

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature. We do not promise any cure and our work is not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies. Please follow the advice of your doctors and counselors for all medical treatments, prescribed remedies, and for any and all mental, physical and emotional health concerns.