Sage Priestess


Discover and Reclaim
Your Calling as a Priestess

This comprehensive 200-hour certification program is for spiritual creatives, coaches, mindful compassionate leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, seekers and visionaries who long to remember, reclaim, and return to an ancient Priestess path that honours our sacred cycles and rhythms.

You’re encouraged to listen to your inner wisdom and be witnessed as an embodiment of the divine every step of the way. As you connect to your source, you are given foundational tools, rituals & ceremonies + a mythic archetypal framework to come home to yourself, share your gifts and support others.

Receive expert mentoring in an interactive sacred space in support of your service, contribution & voice. You’ll apply the principles and practices of the Sage Priestess Certification® modality to both spiritual and secular settings. Gain the confidence and skills to navigate our times with self-authority and inspired devotion to a higher purpose.

Are you ready to usher in a new frequency anchored in the Divine Feminine way and the wisdom of the earth and stars?


You Hold a Red Thread

We lovingly invite you to join the program in 2023!



Who is a Priestess?

Wise women, spiritual leaders and mediators of spirit who hold space for others to heal and connect.