Sage Intuitive Tarot School

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Sage Intuitive Tarot School Guides You on a Spacious Three-year Immersive

Soul Journey to Your Personal & Professional Evolution!


Our school is founded on the principle that tarot is an initiatory practice and healing tool that serves to deepen your connection to yourself and others. You will find, with consistent practice and a commitment to our community container, that you grow in confidence and strength. When you join the school, you are becoming part of something bigger: You are choosing to shift your perspective and serve all you come in contact with.

Program is currently in session. Enrolment will open in 2020 or 2021


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We live in times where knowing and loving who you are is absolutely necessary to stepping up and doing compassionate work in the world.


“I have been waiting for a course like this for quite some time now and I was so thrilled that Vanessa put this offering out into the world. The course has taken me on a deep journey within and I have learnt so much about the tarot and about myself along the way.

I can see how my intuition and the messages have deepened over the course of the year. And it is so magical how things start making sense from a day to day level and beyond.

Vanessa and the community she has built are amazing and so, so very supportive. This course is a gentle approach to this profound wisdom but be prepared to get to know yourself on a deeper level. I am so grateful that this community and Vanessa’s teachings are a part of my everyday life. It is so rewarding and fulfilling. Thank you!”  — Alexandra Io Riederich

In a short period of time, Sage Intuitive Tarot School has given me an awareness and appreciation of the background and history of Tarot and a growing understanding of the symbology that has removed any fear that I had around tarot.

The class material is presented in a clear, accessible and engaging way with videos and our monthly community call. I really enjoy the engagement in our Facebook community, especially hearing from Stacy as she takes this journey with us too. It is encouraging and heart-warming.

Vanessa has managed to tailor the way she teaches to allow us to see if we are getting certain cards popping up in certain positions and tracking these cards through as a sub-story/message. It has been incredibly insightful and fascinating. — Jacqueline (U.K.)

Decks Pictured: Sasuraibito Tarot, Wild Unknown Tarot, Tarot of the Spirit and the Lioness Oracle Tarot. I highly recommend all of these decks.