This week I wrote a post that had been wanting to be birthed for 15 months and I choose not to share it. It turned into pages and pages and could have easily gone on my blog.

It felt powerful to write it, I gained so much clarity and strength for myself around an issue that had been taking up a lot of space in my mind.

And, after sitting in it for two nights and talking with Stacy we decided to pull cards from the Brady Tarot for more clarity.

What I found was that posting it would have kept me in the triangle of victim, villain and hero.

I had felt like a victim, wanted to be a hero, but also ran the risk of becoming a villain by being misunderstood.

I realized that, even when I have something useful, intelligent and heartfelt to say, it’s not always the right thing to do and that choosing one’s mode of communication is very important.

I feel like I’m finally out of the triangle on this one!

The truth is what I had to say is too complex to be properly communicated online and, at the end of the day, it isn’t actually what I want to be sharing and putting my energy into.

What I’m here for is to embody the following: #enchantyoureveryday #willingroliveinmagic #liviingpriestess #selfcompassion #everydaymystery #innerbravery #vulnerabilityisstrength #luminousgrace #poetryoflife #earthmagic

So today I am celebrating sacred restraint. I now know where I stand on something important to me from a truly empowered place and that is enough. I feel so much lighter and clearer now to live my purpose!

Keeping some things to ourselves, and keeping them sacred, can be a very good thing!

I don’t need to be Gandalf with the staff, saying: “you shall not pass” to the internet or be witnessed, encouraged or liked in order to be strong and powerful within.