I woke up this morning totally exhausted. This is pretty normal for me the day after Priestess begins. I’ve learned through the years that this is part of birthing something big into the world.

I’ve also learned to take better care of myself so that I don’t burn out. It’s important to me that I’m able energetically to hold good and clear space for the groups I run.

So, instead of landing in a heap on my sofa as I used to do, we now take an annual trip to recharge and feed our souls. This was our view today. Ferns everywhere so young and green. Ready to unfurl.

I had an actual bath with cups and cups of tea. Echinacea to help my immune system, mint and sage to cleanse and clear.

Tomorrow I will take all that I wrote down in our letting go ceremony in #sagepriestesscertification and burn it before going to the water and letting the waves wash away all that I’ve held for too long.

Beside me sits a stone that I put all my intentions into. It also holds all the intentions of the almost 50 sweet and strong lights across the world who are on this journey together. I will hold them in my prayers every day. I feel truly blessed to do this work.

This year, I am calling in luminous grace. I am curious about what it might be like to live my life as a living prayer. What would happen? How might I wake in the morning and fall asleep each day?

Today, I see luminous grace in the ferns. Tender and bright. Ready to be in this world.