I have fire in me. Red.

I woke up this morning to a shaming comment on a post I wrote where I was simply being joyful. It’s gone now. I’m not going to talk about what it said. Just because I’m on the internet and putting myself out there doesn’t mean I have to accept abuse or engage with it.

I’ve watched women being attacked by other women for too long and said nothing. It’s not okay to shame people. It’s not okay to gang up on them. No more burning each other at the stake. There’s enough people out there who really HATE us just for being witchy without turning on each other.

I’ve lost an hour of my day shaking by the shock of it, and what happened is so minor compared to what I’ve seen other women having to deal with. But a shame storm is a shame storm.

And I’m not going to be a victim, a villain or a hero here. Just human.

Just me trying my best to find beauty in a broken world.

Trying to find the sacred in this shaking body that sometimes falls on the floor wondering how to get up.

I’m simply a woman trying to learn how to be more fully alive and in her own presence.

…and sometimes that looks like RED.