If you are reading this you probably care deeply about others – you feel kind empathy, you are sensitive to other people’s moods and needs and you want to be of service to the world and the people you love. This desire is beautiful, valid and so important because it makes a big difference in a world that can be so competitive and fast-paced.

But as a sensitive empath you also have to make sure you are filling your own well to avoid burn out and overwhelm.

I know this is so much easier said than done, especially if you embody multiple roles in your life. For example as a mother, a business owner, an employee, a friend, a carer or a volunteer.

Our lives feel much faster than they have for previous generations, and while social media, for example, is a beautiful way to connect, it can also feel like a distracting burden that enables unhealthy comparison.

The longer I walk on the priestess path and the more I work with modern seekers who feel and love deeply, the more my certainty about the need for deep, authentic self-care grows.

That we need to take care of our bodies, minds and spirits is pretty much a no-brainer, but what that can mean in our day to day lives can often feel like a mystery.

Many people who are interested in my priestess program are asking what they can do with the training afterwards, and often what they have in mind is often an outward expression of spiritual leadership and community care.


I love that and I think there are infinite beautiful ways of using the gifts the priestess path has to offer in service of others, but I also think that these gifts can enrich and deepen our understanding of what self-care can mean for us.


This can start in small and sweet ways – once you have committed to this journey you may wake up one day and intuitively ask yourself what a priestess would do to honour her body. Or you might make decisions based on what would be best for your highest self. Or perhaps you suddenly find yourself making time and space for sensual bedroom dancing or dreamy moon gazing.

The most important thing to remember, I think, is that these are beautiful and important ways to be a modern day priestess. You do not have to run a business or be a professional tarot reader or do anything you do not feel called to do. You just have to show up for yourself and grow into the beautiful, shiny and powerful being you are meant to be.