Guest Post by Yarrow Magdalena

I have always been interested in ritual, magic and authentic spirituality, but it took me a long time to really feel brave enough to make a commitment to these things in my everyday life. When I was eleven I bought my first book on witchcraft – I had some questionable spells in it and explained some magical plant properties and lucky charms. For quite some time it was my most prized possession. On the other hand I really wanted to fit in and I knew that casting spells after school wouldn’t exactly help me with my popularity. The series Charmed was sadly not really big in Germany back then, that would have probably given me some permission to be more magical.

Staying grounded, working on my self-worth and comforting myself through some major transitions and heartbreaks has been the biggest challenge of my twenties – it asked of me to develop a solid self-care practice and strong boundaries. When I signed up for the priestess training I had just graduated from my Saturn return and was ready to step up my game and create a vision for my thirties that was more aligned, magical and abundant. I wanted to become a really confident tarot reader, be able to hold space for others and most of all be in community with people who shared my passions.

Interestingly, my initial ideas revolved more about what I could do for other people rather than what I might learn to do for myself. I had heard about the idea of filling your own cup up first of course, but somehow I didn’t have a tangible idea of what that might mean and maybe I just didn’t give myself permission to just feel into what investing in myself without any plans to turn it into an outward expression might mean.

Luckily (in a weird, indirect way) it took me much longer than I expected to open up about my practices and really offer services to others, which meant that I practiced my space holding and magic making with myself first. I am so glad that things unfolded this way because it made me realise that above everything else we really have to priestess ourselves first. I could say that this is so we can show up in a better way for others (which we then can!), but I will just leave this statement here without a justification.

I am off to Glastonbury where I am holding a commitment ceremony for myself under the full moon in Scorpio.

I believe in the magical power of ceremony and I know this will support me on the path towards self-compassion, acceptance and self-worth that I will be on for the rest of my life.

Protect your magic, priestess yourself, make space for magic and everything else will follow.

Yarrow Magdalena is a web designer, writer and online marketing consultant with a wild love for herbalism, feminism, conscious touch, little dogs, naps and plants. She supports beautiful, sensitive souls in building a platform online and honing in on their message with her 1:1 work, her blogs and online courses.

Her websites are for all things web design and online marketing and for magic and radical self-healing.

She’s a Guest Teacher in Sage Priestess Certification this year on “Herbal Self-Care Rituals for Body Temple Worship” and “How to Build a Sacred Platform as a Priestess and Sensitive Empath”


Photos of Chalice Well by Vanessa Sage.