This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!

My description of my Self is ever changing and evolving, and it has grown quite a bit throughout Vanessa’s Priestess course. This has been a huge blessing for me, because I’ve realized that I always sort of defined my Self as two separate beings – one in my work life which was pretty conservative and then my “after hours” Self of a bellydancing Goddess. 

For years I felt almost as though I kept my true magical, beautiful, authentic self hidden for much of my day in the monotony of work. I felt that I could not really be myself for a variety of reasons ranging from having to remain “professional” to working in a place that was fairly strict and I can certainly say this led to a lot of depression and sadness.

In the past year, I have definitely found myself finding ways to integrate the two and have increasingly stepped into my power. This means that I no longer feel disconnected and disjointed and rather now feel full healthy and whole. I can see this in particular as I have to occasionally write bios and such for both work and dance and I no longer edit them to remove my uniqueness.

These days I describe myself as an Elemental Enchantress who speaks for nature and those creatures who have no voice. I boldly help others reignite their love of Earth’s creatures and find their wild soul. I’ve found that being able to do this has made me feel just incredible and I’m so grateful to Vanessa for guiding me into this place of heart healing.

For me a large part of my journey has been about learning to trust my Self, my intuition, and that where I’m at on the path is exactly where I need to be. I have found that the more I open my heart to this idea the more I receive, and that has absolutely changed the way I see many things. I will always be a work in progress, growing and learning, and I welcome that journey too.

I think the incredibly supportive network that Vanessa and Stacy have built both in the Facebook group as well the regular community calls have been instrumental in helping all of us become more authentic. There’s nothing like seeing what others do in order to grow, and discovering so many other women who are not only unique and powerful but also working through their own challenges is very inspirational. These ladies all together hold space and set a tone for deep diving and evolution, showing those of us who might be timid about sharing or connecting that there is no shame or fear in doing so.

From an early age I have been deeply connected to the natural world. I see beauty and the divine in all of the Earth’s creatures, from snakes and spiders to doves and roses, and I delight in helping others discover the amazing diversity and loveliness of nature. I have a wild heart which allows me to understand the universe at a deeply primal nature.

A large struggle for me has involved accepting the level of comfort I have with the liminal, the magical, the mystical. Like a lot of folks I was taught that these things were not to be explored, and so even though I have been drawn to them they always felt very taboo.  It has been refreshing, freeing, and felt soooo very good and right to practice gentle acceptance and allow my self to embrace these practices that I’ve always wanted to experience.


Simply by being me. By showing up in the world each day wherever I’m at, and allowing my Self to feel and be. Accepting all aspects of my Self, both light and dark, and owning my wild soul.

I love to incorporate ritual into many aspects of my life. I have a daily morning ritual that helps me ground, center, and prepare for the day ahead. I love to pull a card or two from an oracle deck and art journal it, tapping into my intuition to get insight into the day ahead.
As a dancer, my movement is my ritual and often my prayer. To prepare for the dance, I have created personal rituals that involve shifting my body and mindset into a space that will best allow me to flow and bring the music to life. I weave in ritual to my monthly dance workshops too, in both preparing the space for students and closing it at the end. 

I would love to send to them a reminder that, as they move along on this journey, there may be times when they’re unsure and feeling not very confident. But that there is space for everyone in the circle, and we all have unique and amazing gifts to share

Misha Nell has dedicated her life to protecting, preserving and restoring the environment. Her life’s passion is to help humans find their wild souls, supporting them as they discover the inherent beauty in nature and find their own personal connection to the natural world. She has spoken the language of flowers and foxes since she was little, laying about in fields whispering to dragonflies, and these days continues by guiding thousands each year through her home state of Florida, sharing with them the magic of nature. Her deep connection with the creatures of the forest, sea, and sky allows her to channel and create Totem Talismans for those who wish to meet their animal Spirit Guide and receive the wisdom of the Wild. Using her background and training in art, as well as her intuitive connection to tarot and oracle, she conjures forth mixed media paintings that allow a glimpse into the spirit world.


Misha also holds space for a global community of women who come together to dance Gypsy Caravan Tribal Style Bellydance®. As one of a handful of Master Teachers worldwide, she certifies and trains other dancers in this nurturing and group improv oriented dance. Her passion is helping others discover the beauty of their own body and spirit through movement, and she works to create a circle both locally and globally of amazing women who encourage and support one another. 


Instagram: mishakitty78