This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!

How do you describe yourself?

I would describe myself as an empathic joyful person most at home in nature and in small groups. I love all things wild, and unusual. I am a mother, a wife, a yoga teacher, an herbalist, a novelist, and an aromatherapist. I hold many hats, and I frequently try to juggle them a little too much.

What have you struggled with on the spiritual path?

My spiritual path has been a long and curvy road. I have always been drawn to all things spiritual. I grew up in church and was very active in youth group. However, I never felt as if the church fully answered my questions. So I began at an early age to have an interest in all religions, and I began to study them, and I began to question.

I think the part I have struggled with the most on my spiritual path is fear.

It takes a lot of bravery to question things that have always been, and it takes even more bravery still to deny what you have always known. I still struggle with openly sharing my spiritual journey, as it incorporates so many different beliefs. It is hard to share something so personal, knowing that others may disagree and/or no longer consider me a friend. I sometimes struggle with concerns that my beliefs will negatively affect my children’s friendships as well. Learning how to stand firm on my own feet, and with my own feelings has been quite a journey; I don’t believe I’m finished with this journey yet, but I do believe I have made a lot of progress.

What drew you to the Sage Priestess Certification Program?

Originally what drew me to this program was Vanessa Sage’s background in Anthropology. I have always loved the anthropology classes in college, and I felt an immediate pull towards this program due to that reason. Looking back that seems like such a silly reason to take a certification program, but I am so very glad I followed my impulse.

I also was drawn to the inclusiveness that the community offered. It is so rare to find a community that is truly inclusive, and I count myself so very lucky to have found one. Beyond those two reasons, I was excited to learn more about one facet of the spiritual path I have chosen.

What are some transformation changes that have happened on your spiritual path?

It is hard to put into words all of the transformations that have happened on my spiritual path. I began my journey scared to upset others and letting that stop me from following my dreams. At this moment I still get scared to let others down, but I stand firm in my own truths and try very hard not to let those fears stop me. I, of course, do not have a 100% success rate with this, but I have made a lot of progress. I am also a much more peaceful and accepting person in general.

What did you find the Program that was unexpected?

One of the things that was so unexpected in this program was how much creativity was allowed. At first, I was honestly a bit uncomfortable with it. I had told myself a story that I was not a creative person, other than with my writing. I am so happy to say that this story was false, and this program helped me to unravel a lot of false narratives I had told myself my entire life. I now enjoy creating mixed media art, and smash books. I can say that I would have never thought I could do any of that in 100 million years prior to this program.

What will you take from the Program?

I think the one thing that I will take with me from this program is the ability to set firm boundaries, but still be open enough to feel and accept others point of view. It’s so hard to open up to others and truly accept differences without letting boundaries slip.

I spent my entire life with either a brick wall or no boundary at all.

It has been such a relief to find a middle ground that allows me to be the caring person I am without so much personal pain.

What has being in the Sage Priestess Certification Program meant to you?

This program has meant so much to me. My family has been through a lot of changes in the past year. We have moved overseas. We have had financial issues. I have had some health issues. And ultimately I closed one business and began another. The Sage Priestess Certification Program has been steady through all of that change.

I developed relationships with some amazing women who supported me when I needed them most. And in turn, I was hopefully able to support some amazing women when they needed me as well. Sage Priestess has been my community for a year. A community of acceptance. And a community of learning. I have grown so much since I began this program, and I fully credit this program for giving me the space I needed to grow.

What are some of the most valuable gems you’re taking away from this year together in community and being in circle together?

Before this community, I had never even heard of The Circle Way. I will be incorporating this into my own community at some point. We have even incorporated this into my little family.

The one thing that sticks with me the most about being in circle together was the lack of opinions, advice, and judgment involved.

I never knew what it was about sharing that was so difficult for me, but I now know that I struggled with sharing because afterwards I would be flooded with thoughts, opinion, and advice from those I was sharing with. It was such a welcome change to be in circle, to share in circle, and just be allowed to share. There were no thoughts on how to fix the problem; there were only thoughts on sitting with my sisters and listening. This has been priceless to me, and I will never forget it.

What spiritual strengths do you want to bring forth into the world?

I want to bring witnessing to the world. I want to bring empathy to the world. And most of all I want to bring acceptance and inclusivity to the world. I truly believe these things can change the world, and I am so passionate about them that I hope I do them justice.

What blessings would you like to send to future priestesses?

May they have the strength and the courage to follow their Priestess path wherever it may lead them. May they have the fortitude to continue on their journey even when they are tired. And may they have the wisdom to know that this is their time to begin.