This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!

I’m a card reader, psychic and healer. Artist, sacred space holder, bringer of magic, deeply loving human being.

I honestly used to obsess over finding the right label to describe myself but since then I’ve gotten really cozy and comfortable in the mystery of always evolving labels.

I’m committed to staying open to any or all of these labels shifting –

New ones emerging and old ones melting away.

It’s still scary sometimes but I know that even if I don’t have the ‘perfect’ way to describing myself, I’m still okay, I’m still whole and magic.

I’ve always been deeply interested in spirituality, growth, knowing about plants, alternative healing, manifesting and being in connection with the Universe. I’ve chanted 108 mantras everyday for a month, I’ve traveled to sacred places, did rituals in the middle of the forest during a Full Moon, manifested love, abundance and new adventures but one of the most significant transformational changes I’ve experienced was practicing and learning to keep the faith in really dark times.

When the dark night of the soul lasts for days, when everything falls apart and even hope feels unreachable – that even then, when all is dark I have the resilience and capacity to lean on my faith, lean on the Great Goddess beneath, above and all around me and experience on a soul level that I am still held, worthy, safe and well on my way.



I believe that there’s a core authenticity to every single human on this planet and that there’s another layer of authenticity that is more fluid and changes a lot. What has helped me be, know and experience my core authentic self is dancing with my eyes closed, sitting in silence, singing, hugging trees, sleep, moon bathing with crystals and connecting to nature around me.

What helps me be my authentic self is releasing any need to do this perfectly, choosing progress over perfection (#PerfectionistInRecovery) and allowing myself more space to fall short.

Some days it feels really hard to be authentic and other days it flows with such ease – embracing both of them has also helped me stay true to myself.

What has been interesting to reflect on recently is that I’m a very private person, that I don’t share a lot about what is going on in my life and that even though I don’t I’m still able to authentically be present on social media and in the world by respecting this about myself.

Creating safe spaces, judgement free zones and places where people can come as they are. Holding space for others to be witnessed and seen.

I also deeply believe that in spaces that feel safe healing can happen organically without us having to do any forced healing (that never really works anyway).

Another one of my strengths that I bring to the world and into my work is clear sight, visions and the ability to hear clear guidance coming through for others.

I’m also deeply devoted to being a place of comfort to others.

I’ve struggled with feeling let down by the Universe and keeping the faith even though I felt let down. This was (and sometimes is) my biggest struggle and at the same time my most significant transformational change to commit to practicing faith in the Divine Beloved no matter what.

I claim a sense of empowerment through movement and dance, through being with my soul people, meaningful and daring conversations, through looking myself in the eye, telling myself the truth, (solo) travel and being in nature.


I have several practices that include ritual. Every New and Full Moon I do a blessing ritual, I write in my Moon journal (I write in this journal only during the New and Full Moon), charge my crystals, burn things, call in and manifest my desires and whatever else feels inspiring.

In my daily life I use prayer as a tool to center myself, to connect with the Divine, express my gratitude and remember all the magic and possibility around me.

May you always remember how whole, how deeply sacred and magical you inherently are.

May you remember the wisdom stored in your bones, the courage in your feet and the deep capacity for love in your heart.

May you dare to stretch beyond what you thought possible and arrive home in the vast net of possibility that is out there just for you.

May you always and forever love on all the parts within yourself that are feeling abandoned and less than, may you allow yourself to be joyful and free.


Lisa Nagel is a card reader, psychic and healer. She supports and holds space for brave humans as they journey deeper into soul and unravel and reclaim their worthiness. She deeply believes in the alchemy of feeling truly seen, in the practice of surrender and in providing comfort and safe spaces to come as you are.

She also creates channelled goddess sculptures, dances almost everyday and believes in the magic of living in tune with the moon.

You can find her at and on Instagram @wildsensitivesouls