This series explores what it is like to be a spiritual seeker and Priestess in the 21st century.

Is there more direct access to the Divine in the world now? 

I’m interviewing women involved in my Priestess Training Program to find out!

An artist, soulful seeker, wild wonderer, deep listener, sacred space holder and creativitea time inspirer… all of these flow into the private Priestessing of my own life.

Two of the most significant transformational experiences have been around death, the loss of my sister in 1997 led me into art a relatively short time later, and witnessing and being present to my Mother’s transition in 2016 showed me the intensely beautiful and powerful gift of witnessing the mystery and being supported to hold space for/with another.


Remembering that I have a direct connection to the Divine, and I can connect to that Source. Also, learning to curate the information coming in virtually/online/audio and in person, giving myself ‘permission’ to have break throughs, challenge the status quo and thrive. Most importantly, remembering and practicing self compassion and extending that out to others.

It seems to come quite naturally to me to deeply listen. Holding a calm and sometimes sacred space for others in person and online is a contribution I am nurturing and cultivating, I see such a need for this in our stressed out society.

I have struggled with my own low self worth, some faulty belief systems that were programmed in very early, and generationally, but even as an adult – to transform those can still be quite challenging. When I remember I am a Spirit having a human experience and a Soul of Divine Source, perfect just as I am, I release the struggle. … seemingly like ‘Dory’ though, I forget… and get to go around the cycle of remembrance again.

Practicing daily meditation to return to a state of calm and acceptance, and to ‘recharge my batteries’. I notice empowerment is very much a daily practice, it doesn’t just get built up and stay there, each choice, reaction or response and decision we make can play into it.

Sometimes small rituals, or ceremonies along with the full/new moon, either on my own or with a friend.

My tea time is often my daily ritual of presence and relaxation. Cleansing my space sometimes by burning frankincense or white sage, this is a space clearing intention and an invitation to begin anew each time. I like to do this at the beginning of a workshop or circle if the space allows for it.

Dear Wise Woman, may you know when a path is yours to take, trusting and following your own deep inner guidance. Love and Peace, May you be blessed all ways.



 Denise Daffara is an artist who lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. She combines art journaling, intentional creativity and painting as a self-healing modality. She works with grief, depression, and personal awakenings to uplift and inspire others to creatively express and lovingly nurture themselves. She believes we are healed by being seen and heard, and that meeting yourself right where you are is a powerful medicine in these troubled times.

Denise is a gifted listener, and one of her passions is holding nurturing, energising, and liberating sacred space for other soulful seekers and wild wonderers. She brings her art and space holding together on the page in her Creativitea Time, where sacred space is created to meet yourself on the page. Here, playfulness, courage and creativity meet radical self-acceptance for tea.

Kind Words: “Denise is a creative and loving adventurer who guides others to seek the new and rediscover the old. A brave and beautiful soul who by sharing her words, art and authentic self creates a sacred space for others to do so too. Thank you for showing me the path again.”

You can find Denise at