Join us as my partner Stacy and fellow Priestesses who’ve completed Sage Priestess Certification chat about what the Priestess path means to them!

See how Misha:

  • Embraced her whole self as she helps people connect with their wild souls.
  • Manifested her dream and opened a healing arts center with the encouragement and inspiration of the community!
  • Found joy in her own way of Priestessing.
  • Left a 26-year long career to step into greater alignment with herself.
  • Blended science with a sense of the mystery in her passion for nature education.
  • Learned how to hold space at a government job, as a dance mentor and in her intimate relationships.
  • Found confidence in herself as a leader!
  • Created an oracle deck out of the art she created during the Priestess program!

“I was so struck by how gentle and kind Vanessa was at a time in my life when I had some very authoritarian mentors….and this woman shows up who says it’s okay to be sensitive.”