Please join us as my partner Stacy (our Community Magic Maker) and fellow Priestesses who’ve completed Sage Priestess Certification chat about what the Priestess path means to them!

“We really do have an incredible amount of personal power within. We come up against these things that can feel so big and insurmountable but we have to remember that we really are powerful. We’re more powerful than we know.”

See How Maya:

  • Consciously uncovered her core personal power as a seeker, life-long learner and earth-lover
  • Reclaimed herself and carved her own path after feeling like she’d lost parts of herself
  • Came back into her body on her spiritual journey
  • As a sensitive soul found an open heart 
  • Is finding her own voice as a leader
  • Found a community that held, witnessed and believed in her
  • Will be bringing an embodiment of joy going forward!

Blessing: May you have fierce courage. May you know and honor yourself as a sacred being in an interconnected and beautiful web of life. May you trust your body wisdom and the wisdom of the earth. May you have the confidence to be your own spiritual authority and walk your own unique path without apology, shame or regret. May you experience deep love and connection.