Priestess Interview with Stacy & Gigi

Please join us as my partner Stacy (our Community Magic Maker) and fellow Priestesses who’ve completed¬†Sage Priestess Certification¬†chat about what the Priestess path means to them!


See How Gigi:

  • Has found compassion for herself as an empath
  • Followed the nudges and breadcrumbs that led her to the Priestess path by trusting her instincts
  • Talks about the ah-ha moment that brought her to the path of awareness
  • Lives with presence and finds the preciousness in life
  • Found freedom in Priestessing exactly as she is without needing to take on any other belief systems
  • Felt heard in the program and discovered the power of listening!
  • Talks about how we can raise the vibration of the planet through kindness
  • How the power of circle and sisterhood helped support her through a tough time!