Please join us as my partner Stacy (our Community Magic Maker) and fellow Priestesses who’ve completed Sage Priestess Certification chat about what the Priestess path means to them!

See How Anne:

  • Brought Priestessing to her life through everyday moments of love, compassion, support
  • Came to a new understanding of her life within structured religious settings by finding a spiritual connection to Source
  • Shares her decision-making process for signing up for Sage Priestess Certification:

“Vanessa left me feeling that what I was looking for and searching for was attainable. You know, that it wasn’t something that only belongs to an elite group and the rest of us are excluded from it. She’s very welcoming: who you are, however you are, what you bring is welcome, and wherever you are on this path is fabulous!”

  • Feels a sense of peace, joy and connection in a way she never has before
  • Is appreciating the cycles of nature and life at a much deeper level on a daily basis
  • Was surprised by how energizing, powerful and deep the calls in the program areeven when watching the recordings!
  • Shares three gems she’s taken from her time in the program: spiral time, witnessing, and creating sacred space in her work and family life

Book Mentioned in the Video: One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faiths by Matthew Fox


I found places in my heart and soul that had been lost

I am so happy and grateful that I learned about Vanessa and her work. I feel like I’ve learned so much from her, and found places in my heart and soul that had been lost. Vanessa and Stacy provide so much content but more importantly share their beautiful spirits, their own questions and struggles and create joyful, supportive and loving communities. I’ve found soul healing, soul-nourishing and moments of profound insight, awareness, and magic. I highly recommend her offerings.

– Anne Gaffney Iehl