I walked to the water, and like the boat in front of me that drifted on the surface of the dark blue ripples, I felt anchored in this place.

There was a strength inside of me that I could feel. As I sat by the water,

I contemplated the balance of darkness and light. How I hold both within me.

I thought about acts of creation and destruction. Paths I could take…

And still the water in front of me called: Stay.

It called me home to myself. It asked me to stay true to my dreams.

In that moment I was truly a Priestess.

  • A Priestess of waters both muddy and calm.
  • A Priestess of the call to see magic in the ordinary.
  • A Priestess of darkness and light. Creation and destruction.

I was initiated into a deeper purpose.

The call to stay anchored and present.