This is a photo of the strongest woman I know. Today is her seven-year sobriety anniversary. Yay!

I’m not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy AND she continually shows up for her life, overcoming every obstacle that has been thrown at her.

I’ve watched her grieve the death of her mother, both grandparents and brother-in-law. I’ve watched her lose her job (literally went in on a Tuesday and left with a box) and reclaim her life. All without a drink!

With each passing day, I see a woman who chooses to be alive and is always praying to do her best.

What else can we ask of anyone?

Her greatest wish is to help be of service to those who suffer.

She LOVES animals! … and I had to very firmly say no we can’t bring back stray cats from Greece!

She’s the most naturally compassionate woman I know.

This photo was taken in Delphi after I had a meltdown on the mountain. After helping me compose myself, we went out for dinner. She laughed at the drink I couldn’t finish.

She walked and walked over ruins and up and down stairs with a very bad back. She doesn’t let anything stop her.

She speaks up for people. She shares her life and story freely…with only a few embellishments! And she’s so funny!

Thanks, honey for being in my life and for getting sober!!! You are awesome. I’m sure there’s a phrase I should end with here but I’ll just say keep going one day at a time!