Nine and a half years ago we met in a bar during art crawl in Hamilton. I was wearing blue plaid pants and miserable in a terrible relationship. …Although I do miss those vintage polyester pants.

I asked our mutual friend what her type was and he said “you.”

A few months later her mom died and I got out of the relationship. Honestly, I just wanted a casual hook up. I was quite brazen back then and just asked her for some no strings sex. Yep, just came right out and asked. Do we talk about these things on the social? Well, that’s not what ended up happening.

On October 1st it will be nine years together. We have been through it all. Witnessed the best and worst in each other. Been there for each other when we were brought to our knees by the things of life.

I’ve stood by her in her recovery and she’s taught me that emotional recovery is a journey worth going on.

In this relationship, I’ve learned so much about myself and what it is to be human. I’ve learned to love all the places that aren’t always seen and to love ALL the parts of myself with deep compassion.

May this ripple out…