I am truly coming to understand, on a physical level, how separation creates suffering and connection creates freedom.

Each day, I’m choosing to spend more and more time in silence and meditation. Choosing not to fill every moment with external stimulus that can very easily slip into disconnection from both myself and others.

The result of this time in silence is that I actually feel more connected to others than I have in a long time. I have more to give and so much more energy to effect change.

It’s easy to talk about stepping into the mystery and it’s another to find yourself discovering more and more layers of what that can look like in this life and body.

I understand more and more what it means for me to be a Priestess on a whole other level. It’s like I always knew but could never really put it into words. Even now they slip away. They’re meant to. All I can say is it’s a kind of coming home.

There is burning through, and
a letting go and in.

It’s the way the light dances
through the world, and

how I have never been,
how you have never been,

separate from the mystery.

Photo: Temple of Apollo in Delphi