Over a year ago I came face to face with all the ways I had committed to being a victim in my life and all the ways I had kept myself deeply disempowered in the process.

I could no longer be who I once was.

It was too painful.

I made new commitments to financial self-sufficiency, emotional resiliency, and to my spiritual path as a Priestess.

I made the very difficult decision to leave a significant friendship that could not possibly work with my new commitments.

I saw the ways I’d waged war on my body, mind and spirit and began to take action to unravel and change old patterns (it’s a work in process).

I started asking how good am I willing to feel.

I told the truth and stopped doing things I didn’t want to do.

I made strong commitments to my partner.

I became willing to live in magic.

I completely decluttered my house.

I stopped fucking apologizing for being a Priestess, loving Tarot or for the fact that I’m a queer, highly sensitive introvert with a trauma background.

I changed my business from the ground up to only include things that brought me joy, and it is now able to sustain my family.

In many ways, I feel like I’ve just begun but today I am celebrating the wins.