Last August I moved back to my cliffs in Cape Breton. Well, they aren’t really mine, but for the 10 years I was away I longed to walk along them again .

It feels so familiar and yet radically different for me as I explore this landscape in my new/old skin.

I take a lot of photos. Mostly with my iPhone while I learn how to use my fancy camera.January Ocean WalkToday, I discovered:

beauty in bare branches

there’s no sound quite like the ocean (you can watch and listen here)

and how good it feels to just reach out and feel the wind in my handsHands and Ocean Collage

I wish I could walk with you.
We’d go slow and stop every few inches (yes, I did just say inches).

There is so much to explore.
Even in January.

What is the landscape of your heart?
Comment below. I’d love to know!