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5 Prompts, 5 Invitations, 5 Sacred Calls from Your Soul!

I’ve seen her in the eyes of women who seek their own divinity.

I’ve felt her presence in the echoing chants of women singing “Ancient Mother”

She has come to me in Dark nights,
and whispered “Healer” in my ears
as I’ve wondered what to do and
where to go.

I’ve heard her call and followed her path

Even when I didn’t know where it would lead

What’s Included:

  • 5 Days of Goddess Prompts, Activities and Stories!
  • Meet: Gaia, the Triple Goddess, Bast, Sedna & Kuan Yin
  • Discover the Universal Goddess and the Goddess Within
  • Develop Concrete Ways to Connect with Her on a Daily Basis
  • I share my favourite Goddess Resources: Tarot and Oracle Decks, Book Lists, Music & More!
  • Receive a 25-page e-book of the Entire Course at the End
  • A Community to Share Your Experiences

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